Wednesday, November 23, 2016

LOTR Elves Minifigs from POGO

Lots of Lego news recently, not much about bootlegs.. Here's a refresher. 

Just gonna lay them out here. I don't really these characters, but they are absolutely interesting. 
I think they are elves from the Lord of the Rings franchise. Maybe they came from The Hobbit sets. 


Top Row:
1. Haldir, 2. Tauriel 3. Legolas (LOTR version), 4. Mirkwood Elf Chief
Bottom Row:
1. Legolas (Hobbit version), 2. Mirkwood Elf, 3. Mirkwood Elf Guard, 4. Elrond

Thanks to Reddit user Collector55 for the names of the minifigs!

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  1. Pretty cool. Been looking for some LOTR minifigs!

    1. Since they released an all elves set, maybe they'll release some other "exclusive" sets as well. I am honestly interested in seeing orcs or uruk-hai minifigs, just for a change in scenery hehe

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, me too. Something different from generic normal human minifig armies and finally different from Star Wars Trooper armies!

    2. Very true. I've build a huge stormtrooper army but an orc would be fun.