Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DTB DTB009: Stilt-Man (Daredevil Villain) Minifig MOC

One of my fave MOCs despite being a weird supervillain..

Side view.  

If it wasn't obvious enough, the legs are just made from those pieces.. Whatever you call them haha 

His parts are composed of: 
Head - Batman 3000 (Just for the red eyes)
Helmet - Ultron Sentry (Cause it's grey)
Armor - BvS Armored Batman (To make Stilt-Man look bulkier)
Body/Legs/Arms - SY Ant-Man minifig from Ant-Man Mech (Basically any grey body)

Again, this is an Ultron helmet on a Batman 3000 head; still on the lookout for more suited helmets but I'm content with this one as well. But the drawback here is that the helmet needs to be not too pushed down too far so that the red part can act as the eyes. 

For reference. 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

KAZI KY6609: X-Agents Minifigs and Builds Similar to Tron

The first seven previewed here. Couldn't find KY6608 though.. 

I really love this line. I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Kopf KF244: Kamala Khan Minifig Preview

Well this is disappointing.. 

Why disappointing? Personally because I just bought the whole set from SY for her. 
Second, because she still doesn't have stretched arms like TLG's. 

But hey, I'm 90% sure that SY's quality is better, or at least on par, with Kopf's so no problem. The jet included in SY's set is surprisingly pretty nice too! Review coming up later or tomorrow! 

DTB: Haul for May 22, 2017

Disappointed because NO DETROIT STEEL >.<

My haul for today: 
Captain America and Kamala Khan vs Super Adaptoid just for Kamala Khan tbh
A couple of single minifigs for MOCs and stuff
Decool Spider-Helicopter Rescue just for Power Man/Luke Cage but I rationalized to myself that there's an exclusive Mary Jane minifig and an exclusive bigfig Green Goblin glider.. Haha
and a new baseplate for my minifigs. 

Really sucks that none of my local stores had Detroit Steel. Now I have an excuse to go back and buy other stuff next time haha. Maybe next week or next next. I also saw some Enlighten sets but I didn't like the ones I saw, seems like some older ones; I would prefer War of Glory ones, but there were none.. There was that Enlighten set with the blue dragon minifig, but I decided to skip on that one and instead buy the baseplate because I don't really collect yellow skinned minifigs (hope that's not racist)

I'm really sad that I don't have a lot to share with you guys this week. I'll try to make a comeback next time! Some of the items on my wishlist are the grey DLP soldiers 8-in-1, the DLP Captain America 8-in-1 (for Bucky Captain America and Winter Soldier Stealth Suit Captain America), the DLP set with various DC and Marve sets that previewed some days ago, the bigger Avengers Tower (but not a lot of stores had this + the ones that did were overpriced) and of course Detroit Steel. Sucks though that not all of these are always there. (Also, that's just a portion of my wishlist, I'm still trying to collect some older Marvel figs/sets but I think I'll find those from collectors and not stores anymore.)

Review of both sets coming soon!

ZHBO ZB241, ZB242: Star Wars Minifigs and Mini Vehicles Preview

Junk bootlego!

Saw them and thought that I might as well share with you guys. Never heard of this brand but it's one of those bad brands haha.

These figs don't look good at all. But hey, some of you might want the unique parts for customizing! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

JINRUN JR923: DC Superhero Girls Minifigs Preview

Anyone have experience with JINRUN? 

I don't know much about JINRUN, but I think it's not so good. I just don't know how bad it is. 

DTB DTB008: The Caretaker - Ghost Rider Minifig and Horse MOC


Saw the skeleton horse and this is the first thing I thought of.

Just a front view. This guy's a temporary honestly.

Temporary because look at the chest, It's Red Skull's chest with marker covering the hydra belt, regrets. lol 
The head is an extra head of the first SY Ghost Rider. I prefer something better.

Here's the first SY Ghost Rider. 

Here are my three Ghost Riders for now, from front to back is this MOC, SY Ghost Rider, and SY Ghost Rider based on TLG Ghost Rider.

A closeup look on the horse. Decided to use the black skeleton one instead of the white one since it makes him look more terrifying. 

Some pictures for reference. He's from the Nicholas Cage movie lol!

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Xingbao XB09005: Minecraft Castle Fort Build Preview

The last of XB's Minecraft sets maybe. 

This is my favorite. I think a lot of people would appreciate that castle. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Here are all the XB Minecrafts set so far: XB09001, XB09002, XB09003, XB09004, XB09005.

Xingbao XB09004: Minecraft 'The End' World Build with Ender Dragon Preview

Possibly the 4th of 5. 

Well, those Endermen don't look like they came from TLG. The set is trying to look like The End from Minecraft, a different dimension of some sort where the Endermen mobs come from and where you fight the boss, the Ender Dragon. The End though is a huge place, so this set is certainly out of scale. 

This one is just like its previous sets, based on Minecraft but consisting of numerous things not-Minecraft-related.

Here are all the XB Minecrafts set so far: XB09001XB09002XB09003XB09004XB09005.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kopf KF233: Minecraft Ghast Buildfig Preview

One of the most annoying mobs in the game!!

If you play Minecraf, then you know this guy and he pretty much looks like the mob from the game! 

XINH X0164: Romans, Crusaders, Spartans, and other Warrior Minifigs Preview

Hi, army builders. 

XINH 643 - Centurion
XINH 644 - Spartacus 
XINH 645 - Crusader 
XINH 646 - Spartacus
XINH 647 - Rome Commander
XINH 648 - Heavy Infantry
XINH 649 - Spartacus
XINH 650 - Arvoesine

I think they're all flesh faced except for 647 which I posted just a while ago.. Haha, only saw this now.

Really interested in the Crusader one! Also, I think the names may be wrong but hey, we should be used to that by now with bootlegs! Haha. 

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Xingbao XB09003: Minecraft Tree House Market Build Preview

That Iron Golem looks really weird. Anyway, this is another one of the Xingbao Minecraft sets to be released. I still find it odd how Xingbao accepted these designs when they could have accepted non-TLG licensed designs.. 

Also, lots of the elements of these sets aren't even from Minecraft..

Here are all the XB Minecrafts set so far: XB09001XB09002XB09003XB09004XB09005.

XINH 647: Spartan Minifig Preview

Not affiliated with the store, buy at your own risk. Minifig looks nice though!

Would prefer flesh skinned minifig, but I know lots prefer yellow. I hope that's not racist. Hahaha. 

KAZI KY81030: Legend of Warcraft Minifigs and Mounts Build Preview

If you like Enlighten's The War of Glory because it's similar to Warcraft, maybe you'll like this too!

Thanks to our facebook follower, Andrew, for the heads up on these! They look great! 

The characters themselves don't look familiar, I'm not familiar with WoW, just WC3 (Frozen Throne/Reign of Chaos). Still, Warcraft or not, these guys look great! 

Check out Enlighten's Warcraft inspired sets here as well! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

POGO PG1009-PG1016: Various Ninjago Characters Minifigs Preview

Help me name them!

Thanks to our Facebook follower, Abigail, for the millionth time for the heads up! Haha!

Help me name them please! 

PG1009 - Shadow from Tournament of Elements
PG1010 - Ash from Tournament of Elements
PG1011 - Slackjaw
PG1012 - Commander Blunck
PG1013 - Rivett
PG1014 - Vermin
PG1015 - Commander Raggmunk
PG1016 - General Machia

Thanks to GNZ and xen0bia for the names!

I'm no Ninjago follower but I'm loving the parts of these guys so far.

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Sheng Yuan SY637, SY638: Clearer Pictures of Various Star Wars Minifigs Previewed Before

Some clearer pics of these. Previewed them before and we actually thought it was cancelled. 



I'm not affiliated with the store, so buy at your own risk! 

POGO PG012: Wonder Woman Minifig Preview

Movie hype?

This adds to the movie hype!!

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