Sunday, July 23, 2017

POGO PG220, PG223, PG224: Cannonball, Deadpool, and Dormammu Minifigs Review

I just really love the set where they came from.
Also already reviewed Dark Phoenix here.

PG220 - Cannonball
PG223 - Deadpool (Battle of the Atom)
PG224 - Dormammu

Let's start with these two.
I don't know much about Cannonball which is why I don't know what his accessory is for. I do know that Deadpool shouldn't have a bow and arrow; he looks like Arsenal because of that lol. His source design really acknowledges him as Deadpool and he actually has swords + the color is darker red.

Printing wise and molding wise, these two are one of the better POGO minfigs, especially recently. Details are nicely done and printing for the most part is sharp.

Only one concern: Deadpool's lower leg printing. I think the picture is enough to explain what's wrong. Hopefully others have better leg printing.

Deadpool's got some nice side printing. His right arm doesn't have wrist area printing unlike his left one, might be intentional but even if it was an error, at least there are no fade marks.

Very good back printing for the back as well for both minifigs.

How Deadpool should have been in the first place.

First thing you notice, transparent head + transparent flame hair. The torso design, in my opinion, is a bit too simple. Looks kinda boring but still enough to capture the essence of Dormammu. Another thing I'm not too fond of is the torso neck being too visible because of the transparent head; the head of Moltor from Nexo Knights would have still been a good head honestly.

Oh and he comes with a gun even though he shouldn't. Oh well.

Back printing.

Side printing = none. His right arm was a bit too loose though.

I was actually in the process of creating a Dormmamu MOC using Moltor's head + Batman 3000's torso. I never got the chance to get a Moltor head though, but here's Dormammu's head with my unused Batman 3000 torso. (Actually used Batman's head for my Stilt-Man MOC)

His flame hair piece obviously came from Ghost Rider's, but SY's Ghost Rider's flame hair quality is way better than Dormammu's. I can't describe it well but GR's flame is more solid, like the usual SY plastic while POGO Dormammu's seems a bit cheaper. You can also see the different in terms of the gloss of both, Ghost Rider's is more consistent, if you get what I'm saying.. 
TL;DR - SY Ghost Rider's flame is better than POGO Dormammu's. 

Seems like it was just a few days ago that I saw this preview but my local store, AngeloMarcus gets them even quicker than Ali, or at least it seems like it. PSA to Philippine-based readers, they're located at Shoppesville Plus in Greenhills. PM or comment for more details! 

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Big Elephant JX1061: Marine Corps 6 Military Minifigs Preview

Hopefully Big Elephant will work on other stuff as well!

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

XINH 654: Hulk from Thor Ragnarok Bigfig Review

Previously previewed here, X0165.

As good as SY/DLP's bigfigs. Would recommend to everyone. Plastic mold had some issues but nothing too major; printing was superb.

He comes with this baseplate.

Surprised he actually comes with this hammer. It's just 1 of his 2 weapons from the official set but I guess one is better than two.

This is one of my best bigfigs. Better than the SY exclusive bigfigs I have honestly. Quality would be comparable to SY's Thanos though (which is in no way bad).

There was an issue with the connector piece for the torso and the arm, it was too loose but it wasn't much of a problem because I had spares and at least it was the connector that was messed up and not the whole torso/arm. It's worth noting he doesn't come with extra connector pieces unlike Decool's or SY's.

Side view. Love the details on the armored arm. but if you look closely, under the blue shoulder pad, there's a plastic nub that doesn't look pleasing at all. It isn't enough for me to dislike the bigfig but it doesn't make me love it more as well.

Not much going on at the back.

I think this XINH bigfig is better than the official one. Why? Because it's removable. (Note though that the official one looks shinier than XINH's.)
(AoU Hulk on the right.)

SY Thanos would've been the best bigfig in my opinion but the leg's being not straight just ruined it..

You can also remove the red piece from the helmet.

TL;DR - This Hulk bigfig is one of the best bigfigs I've ever encountered. Design credits go to TLG but the execution, the quality of printing and plastic, are absolutely great and that's thanks to XINH.

Glad that AngeloMarcus at Greenhills also sells these single sale bigfigs and not just minifigs.

Customize Minifigures Intelligence told us that he purchased a couple of Hulk bigfigs and two of them came without printing.. Just a heads up!

Photo from Customize Minifigures Intelligence

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DTB DTB030: The Orb (Marvel Supervillain) Minifig MOC

The eyeball head came from this.

He's an enemy of the Ghost Rider if I'm not mistaken!

He looks better from afar...

Parts used:
Head - Eyeball henchman from Suicide Squad (KL Brand)
Hands - Generic white
Gun - Ray gun with white bulb thing to replicate an eyeball
Everything else - Santa Claus minifig 

Yes, i erased the bottom part of Santa's torso to achieve that look. I'm not happy with it too much but I don't think it's too bad either. I'm making some revisions though.

Reference pics:
Not a lot of minifigs with those kinds of designs right? Which made making him more difficult. 

I do already have a version 2 of my The Orb, stay tuned! I'll post him right after I post the ones I still have lined up! 

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Sheng Yuan SY662: Transformers Last Knight Minifigs Preview


Couldn't find pictures of SY662-3 and SY662-7.

When Cade is as big as Optimus.. Nice Hahaha

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Kopf KF926: Shocker from Spider-Man Homecoming Minifig Review

First previewed here.

On the left is KF926 while on the right is DTB011.

I'm no fan of the design (design came from original TLG set) but in terms of quality, Kopf did well. Plastic quality was great as well.

Possibly the only thing (not counting the gauntlets) that makes him look like Shocker are his arms. 

Back printing is good as well, no problems here.

I'd recommend this guy to anyone interested in this minifig; he comes with the Beware the Vulture set but we so far don't have that from bootleggers yet. I do recommend picking up the official one first because that will be the best you can get really, but if there's no other choice for you then this is a good way to get Shocker.

As many of you are aware, Kopf isn't really a real brand, it's just a seller. For now though, this set hasn't been claimed by other brands. The Kopf Spider-Man Homecoming set was claimed by DLP and the Kopf Duckpool was claimed by Dargo. This one hasn't been claimed like Jessica Jones or classic Mystique.

Happy that AngeloMarcus has their minifigs on display so you can see how they are before buying. Feel a bit bad for online-only buyers but at least you guys can do it without needing to travel.. Both have pros and cons at least.

Check out my other MOCs as well by clicking here!

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Sembo 60023, 60003: MK23 and MK24 Hulkbuster Mechs Preview

Thanks to Muhammad for the heads up!

60023 - MK 23 (Possibly MK41 or Bones Armor) (Thanks to Anonymous)
60003 - MK 24

Seems like Iron Man doesn't have helmets again.. 

The mechs look great though! Kinda regret not getting the other ones, but I can't really afford them anymore in terms of spending and space at home hahaha

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