Sunday, May 7, 2017

KL Brand KL033, KL034: Chinese Couple Minifig Preview

Unique minifig faces? 

KL033 is the guy and KL034 is the girl. I assume. 

Again, it's really nice to see these unique designs from KL! This pair would look really great with the Silk and Satin Store set from Xingbao/Lepin

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  1. It's great that some of our lepin towns will have a little China town. I saw in another post that the dragon man can pull a rickshaw! I'm kind of excited at a town being more deverse

    1. Oh yeah, was very surprised when I saw that picture too! Damn I wish I had enough money and space for a huge city/town setup with all those figs haha. Oh well, at least it's cheaper than TLG.. Hahaha

    2. I know what you mean. The canadian dollar gets worse and worse I buy less and less. Nothing big for the next while.