Monday, May 8, 2017

Kopf KF8001: 4 Different Colored Hulkbuster Armors for Minifigs Preview

I've seen these before but I forgot which brand.. Dargo? Elephant? Anyone?

Really only interested in the grey one so I can make him the Iron Monger in my collection by removing the Hulkbuster head/helmet/cover. Hopefully SY makes more bigfigs and Iron Monger is included. 

So yeah, these appeared before already. It's been months I think since this was released, but not under Kopf. This is from another brand but I forgot the name of the brand.. If you know, please tell me below or through Facebook!

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This set is same as OK1041 from OK Brand just so you guys know! :D 


  1. OK brand have this before (OK1041)..maybe they are indeed from OK brand too as it looks similar :D

    1. Alright, I'll update the blog in a while! Thanks