Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sembo Block S8302-S8303, S8402-S8403, S8503: Ninjago Mechs and Dragon Mechs Preview

90% sure these are MOCs and not TLG designs. 

S8302 - Is that Ghost Rider? JK! 
S8303 - Shredder!? Wrong Ninjas theme. JK! 

S8402 - Two minifigs included.
S8403 - Looks similar to S8402 honestly. 

S8503 - Don't know where S8502 is though.. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'll let you do the talking too below or through Facebook! Don't forget to like the page as well!


  1. Holy fuck, Sembo/SY needs to stop making awesome stuff, my wallet is already too light as it is...

    Oh and S8502 is a green dragon thing.

    1. I'll update the post when I see pics of S8502. Couldn't find them yesterday.. Thanks though and yes, good luck to our wallets.. Haha