Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lepin 15035: Modular Wine Bar and Construction Site Preview

This came from a LEPIN competition apparently!
If anyone knows who made these, let us know so we can properly credit him/her.

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This is one of Lepin's shameless acts but the set looks great and I'm sure people will enjoy it when they buy it.

"[T]his MOC was created by jaydisson for a LEPIN competition with the aim of distributing domestic (china) sets. The topic of the competition was Tycoon City New York"
I guess that's great! Thanks to Anna for this information!

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  1. Love it. Is it too similar to the bank in style? Not sure

  2. Looks like it comes with the crane and blue residential house as well. I'd move the house somewhere else.

    1. Yeah house seems out of place but hey, they're bricks so we can alter them hehe