Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Panlos 621019: Transformers Bumblebee Lookalike Mech Preview

Not too bad so far.

Though let's be aware that this is a promotional shot so maybe the real thing won't look as nice.

I'm personally hyped for the Bumblebee movie. I hope it kicks off a better Transformers cinematic universe, and I hope they never invite Bay back into the movies lol!

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Kopf KF6053: KPop (Korean Pop) BTS Boyband Minifigs Preview

Really unexpected!

I'm not familiar with them, but to the people that are, are they accurate to the real deal?

I'm so thankful that Kopf didn't make the faces identical lol!

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Lele D146: Black Panther (White Suit) Minifig Review

First previewed here!

I'll go straight to the point and say that this is a great fig. The unique helmet feels solid, and the prints are also great.

The black version was reviewed here which I also loved!

T'Challa or whoever is supposed to be in the suit doesn't have a face unfortunately, but I'm glad they decided to get a big patch of grey there instead of just one line or two eyes that are prone to not aligning well with the helmet.

Side view. Great to see details on the side arms and even legs! The helmet's details on the sides are also really great.

View of the back. No alternate face for the head, but the helmet does look great even though it's simpler at the back!

So yeah, that was a very quick review, but there's really not a lot to say about the fig.

Hopefully though Lele actually releases many of their previews. I think they enjoyed previewing too much that they ended up not being able to produce on time. That or, our stores are having problems receiving from Lele. (I doubt though, since AngeloMarcus Greenhills tries to get the new interesting stuff asap anyway.)

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XINH 965-972: Various Spider-Man Characters Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

Only missing Shocker so far.

Before anything, this is the first time we're seeing Morbius, Chameleon, and Hydro-Man as minifigs. Black Cat, Spider-Man, and Venom are new variants as well. (WM also made a Shocker minifig before.)

XINH 965 - Venom
XINH 966 - Spider-Man
XINH967 - Black Cat
XINH 968 - Venom
XINH 969 - Hydro-Man
XINH 970 - Chameleon
XINH 971 - Morbius
XINH 972 - Shocker

Let's start with the two Venom figs from the set. Venom on the left, or the classic Venom came with the usual symbiote backpack + tentacles thing, and one of the claws on the backpack piece was somewhat loose. Thankfully, those are pretty common and I personally don't want to display my Venom with those symbiote accessories. The Venom 2018 minifig though comes with an extra head and two black blast pieces.

Overall quality is good. Glad to see a spare head too with Eddie Brock's face with the Venom 2018 minifig. 

The torso on the left could be used for a Symbiote Spider-Man minifig but we still don't have one..

Sides. Nothing on the left and I think that's because it's a TLG design, while the Venom 2018 gets some design elements on his side which I highly welcome.

A view of the back.

Spider-Man comes with a web accessory, no holder for it though. Black Cat comes with a whip.

Again, overall quality is great! This Black Cat looks amazing, especially compared to XINH's older version. Spider-Man also looks great, and credits go to TLG for the design, but XINH did a good job cloning it.

XINH even made it with dual molded legs! Yay!

Chameleon comes with a rifle while Morbius came with Wolverine claws. I would've preferred a pistol with Chameleon similar to what he used in the old cartoon, and I would've been happy without Wolverine claws for Morbius but including them is a great bonus!

No complaints. Except..

... the leg prints on Chameleon aren't aligned. Does this ruin the fig? Maybe for some, but if you look afar, it's not too bad. Hopefully the brands' factories can find a way to print on the legs while they're all straight/in a consistent position.

The backs. No alternate faces.

Now for Hydro-Man! The way the legs merge with the torso looks great so far. A part of me loves it, but a part of me also feels weird that the color blue is too solid and hence looks less water-like, but the overall shape of the mold is great and fits his character well! Only two issues: his face kinda looks off at some angles and and the slapped on print on the sides, that at least don't look that horrible because his arms aren't flesh.

Side view. Looks more watery which is great!

A more aggressive and less off-looking face?

Overall a great set of minifigs because of 1) quality, 2) designs, and 3) the character choices! I'm hoping to see more sets like this from XINH and other brands! Though of course, Spider-Man and Venom actually come from TLG. If you're wondering what set, here's a guide of the new Spider-Man sets from Brick Pals, a relatively new site that talks about TLG stuff; they could be a great source of news and updates about official stuff especially since my site focuses on third party stuff instead.

I also made a MOC Hydro Man and a MOC Shocker some time ago, and I'm glad to see better versions of them from XINH! I'm still hoping though that AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets the Shocker in stock because it looks better than my MOC and WM's version, in my opinion.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

XINH X0225: Groot and Other Superhero/Supervillain Crossover Minifigs Review

First previewed here.

XINH 1003 - Groot Iron Man
XINH 1004 - Groot Thanos
XINH 1005 - Groot Captain America
XINH 1006 - Groot Hulk
XINH 1007 - Groot Joker
XINH 1008 - Groot Deadpool

What a waste of print and plastic.. Don't get me wrong, these figs are great in terms of quality, and that's actually why I feel so hesitant to enjoy them. Better characters and designed could have taken advantage of XINH's good quality. But anyway, here are pictures of the set.

Well, there's not much to say. Again, quality's great for these guys. The designs are also admittedly pretty good, but there are still a lot more characters and themes that can get made; because of that, I can't truly call these good.

Deadpool Groot is my favorite because he might be the only one that makes sense here; I mean there is such a thing as the Deadpool Corps that consisted of very many weird Deadpool variations. I'm honestly surprised we didn't see a Spider-Man version considering the popularity of the Spider-Verse.

For customizers at least, we now have the Groot molds in various colors. I guess some of you guys can simply erase them and do whatever you might want with them.

As a side note, they could've instead made other Groot variations that actually made sense. 
For example, Throot, or the Groot from the Thor Corps. The picture's actually my MOC, and there's more details in this link. I would've appreciated it more if XINH made the most out of their molds while also creating actually new characters.

So, what are your thoughts about these minifigs? What other characters do you think can make use of Groot's head mold?

More reviews from my AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul coming soon! Stay tuned!

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