Monday, October 31, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Deadpool (set of 8) Minifigures Back Face Removal

If you've seen my previous post, you'd know how disappointing SY's Deadpool set was. Well here's something you guys can do to make things better. 


For example, these are 3 of the 8 minifigs included in SY's Deadpool set. Those faces are just.... pointless and horrible.

2 more over here, X-Force and Lady Deadpool.

X-Force Deadpool again in grey and 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Deadpool. The face kinda works with this XO:W Deadpool but double printed faces on helmet-less heads are just  horrible.

For context, I've already erased their faces for a while now. Maybe around one month, but even before that, Deadpool in Wolverine costume already had his face erased. I decided that it was best to test it on him (other than my Lele Captain America that was horrible) since he had a helmet. 

This is the magic potion. Nope, it's just plain old nail polish remover. I'm no expert in these but these worked well. I'd really recommend that you try these on minifigs you don't like first because these things come in different forms and ingredients. This one apparently has acetone and I don't even know if that makes a difference or not.


Grab your nail polish remover and a cotton ball. 
Again, practice on minifigs you're not to fond of first.

See, I'm starting with the worst Deadpool, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool. 

Put a bit of nail polish remover onto the cotton ball. Then lightly rub it over the print you want gone. Careful not to touch the part you actually like, or you might end up smudging the print even a little. That's why I prefer holding the head alone compared to putting the head on a body or a different piece. I'd also recommend having lots of cotton balls near you. Actually, after a rub or two, maybe switch to a different cotton ball already because the ink/paint tends to stick to the cotton ball/nail polish remover fairly quick [which will make erasing harder honestly]. 

After a few seconds, less than 5 seconds maybe, these are your results. 

Notice though the black smudges on the head. I believe it's the leftover ink/paint from the erased prints, but I'm too afraid to use more nail polish remover because it doesn't only remove ink/paint, it might also ruin the plastic. Hence the rougher surface on the heads after the process. 


A look at the cotton ball after erasure. It can get even darker than that and that's why I recommend replacing it after a few strokes. 

I honestly don't know if it's just my eyes or not, but if you look at the back part of the head, you'll see the light reflection looking different, kinda showing the little bit of roughness produced after the process, though again it's not as bad as having those horrid faces.

Unluckily, I was very careless  and ended up erasing X-Men Deadpool's face.. 

Still haunts me to this day, though I have gotten a replacement already, in the expense of getting the whole set again because I couldn't find any single sellers.. 

On an extra note, I couldn't remove the print on this flat piece. I did try and ended up applying too much force that it made the piece rough and messed up while still having a smudged printing. 

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Check the comments section below for one of our reader's own way of erasing prints! Seems like a better way of doing it too! 

DC and Marvel Minifigs from Dargo

Dargo releases new minifigs from the DC and Marvel universes! 

I am not familiar with Dargo's quality but I do hope these ones have nice quality because they've been released by other brands already, or at least most of them. 

The characters in the pictures are: 
Superman and Killer Moth, 
Blue Beetle and Spider-Man 2099 (white),
Scuba Batman and Scarecrow,
Katana and Captain Boomerang, 
White Tiger and Dr. Strange,
Hobgoblin and Ghost Rider. 

Actually, the Ghost Rider here hasn't been released by bootleggers yet. This Ghost Rider looks like the one from official Lego's, while the one released by SY before was a MOC Ghost Rider that I personally liked. Let's see if I'll also like this one. 

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Marvel XINH Minifigs featuring Dr. Strange Characters

Pictures of these have been out for a while now, and I don't know why I didn't post about them.. 

Dr. Strange from the movie, Beast from X-Men, Black Bolt from Inhumans, Clea, Baron Mordo from the movie, Dr. Strange, The Ancient One from the movie, Mr. Fantastic.

I don't know why Beast, Black Bolt, and Mr. Fantastic are there, and usually I'd still enjoy the presence of random minifigs but those three have been released by Sheng Yuan already before. And honestly, I don't like XINH's design of Beast and Black Bolt

XINH Beast vs SY Beast

XINH Black Bolt vs SY Beast

Though generally maybe I'll still pick these up. What's scaring me is that the movie Dr. Strange characaters come from a set from Lego and I bet SY, Lepin, and Decool, and maybe others will replicate the same set and I'd hate spending money on duplicates. Also, kinda hoping that if SY does release the movie set, then maybe a new bigfig mold will be included! 

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Star Wars Minifigs from POGO

POGO releases a new set of Star Wars minifigs. Wow they've been releasing a lot. 

(I'll try to update with a clearer picture as soon as possible!)

I don't really know all the characters in the set, but I see some familiar faces though. Han Solo, Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, and some Rogue One characters. The unique sith, I'm sure, is a prominent character in one of Star Wars' other storylines. I think his name is Darth Malgus, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I actually have one of him already though the store person said he wasn't from POGO or XINH and was from an unknown brand like the Game of Thrones minifigs. 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

New and Bigger Avengers Tower from Sheng Yuan!


Phew. This looks great. I want one, NOW. It seems to be a modified Avengers Tower, probably a copy of one of the MOCs of Avengers Towers spreading online. 

The minifigs included seem to be: 
Captain America
Iron Man
Iron Legion
Winter Soldier
Crossbones [comic version]
Black Panther
White Tiger [female]
White Tiger [male] (Not so sure about this but that's who got stuck in my head)
Iron Stan [Stan Lee]

[Click here to see my opinions on the Stan Lee minifig from POGO and how I even wanted an Iron-Stan made in the first place.]

Black Panther and the two White Tigers don't seem to have their head pieces/horns and I think that's a big loss. The head pieces really set them apart and seeing those disappear saddens me. Guess I'll have to pick up another White Tiger from POGO/XINH to give the head piece to male White Tiger in case I get this set. 

The male White Panther, Iron-Stan, and comic Crossbones will be great additions to anyone's collection. Let's just hope they're done right, but hey it's Sheng Yuan and I really trust them! 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Star Wars' Protocol [3PO] Droids Minifigs from POGO

Apparently that red 3PO minifig popping up in forums and discussions came from POGO. 

Or POGO decided to make their own version of that 3PO and that one popping up online came from some other company.

Reddit user wlausrsker provided the following names!
  • PG637: golden variation of C-3PO circa 2012 (not done by TLG)
  • PG638: TC-14 circa 2012
  • PG653: C-3PO circa 2016
  • PG657: TC-4 circa 2014
  • PG658: Imperial Protocol Droid circa 2008
  • PG659: C-3PO circa 2014
  • PG660: TC-14 circa 2012
  • PG661: R-3PO circa 2011
Thanks Reddit!

First two look chrome as well. Would've been interesting to see Episode I C-3PO though. 

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QS08 Star Wars Wannabe Sets

I spotted this set at AliExpress and I didn't know whether I should laugh or be disappointed. 

I don't think there is such a vehicle/base thing like that from Star Wars. The clones in this set feel very much deformed as well, though to be fair, a picture of a physical figure would be needed for final judgment. The gun of the phase 1 Clone Trooper got my attention though, that looks sleek. 

This design is even distancing itself away from Star Wars more. It doesn't look like anything from any show or movie out there, at least for me. Again, maybe some people would be interested for parts. As for the minifigs, just look at the pictures above and let them speak for themselves. Phew. 

Uh, why does the black clone trooper/stormtrooper not have a face?

Basically the same as what I said in the previous set. This one's got an old Han Solo though. Or maybe that's old Indiana Jones? We might never know. 

This one uses the same minifigs as one of the previous sets. On a different note, the vehicle actually looks nice. It seems to be a modified Star Wars walker. I'd like to see this in person some day. 

After a quick Google Images search for QS08, I get a glimpse of more of their self-designed Star Wars sets. Some of them could have some useful parts for those interested, but minifig wise, I don't think they're good buys. Though at least this brand steals less compared to the big names out their who almost 100% copy Lego's designs. 

In the end, I realized that I should laugh instead.

Picking these up for parts would be the only reason for getting them in my opinion, and even then, I'm not sure about the quality and I think that picking up SY or Lepin would be better.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Chrome Deadpool Minifig from Pogo?

Spotted this Deadpool minifig. Is it actually chrome? 

Never seen this design before. Love the pistol included, better than the more generic one. I don't know if I'll pick it up. If it is chrome, then it'll mean more expensive and I think I have enough Deadpool minifigs already, but we'll see. If it looks great in person, then maybe I'll pick one up. 

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New POGO Star Wars Rogue One Stormtrooper Minifigs

The new Star Wars movie has new Lego sets to be released soon. Though I am not sure if these minifigs are part of them. But wow, they look amazing.

I think I'll be picking these up even though I focus on Marvel.These minifigs are included in the new Lego official sets!

 The Imperial Hovertank Pilot appears in the 75127-1 Imperial Assault Hovertank set from Lego. 

The Death Trooper appears in 75156-1 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle set from Lego. I can't zoom in clearly so I can't tell if Lego changed the word 'death' because this is a kid's toy so I doubt Lego would want kids encountering the word 'death' in their toys. 
The Imperial Shoretrooper appears in 75154-1 TIE Striker set from Lego. 

Really excited to see both Lego's and POGO's minifigs and if they have differences, as well as the characters themselves in the upcoming movie! 

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Monday, October 24, 2016

POGO | Stan Lee Minifig

A review on POGO's [Marvel's] Stan Lee.

Stan Lee's the type of person with that very distinct look that makes his face and physical appearance a very familiar one once you see him. This minifigure [courtesy of Lego's design] does not fail in that as well. 

Remove his grey hair piece and you'll find yourself a print-less back face. I would've preferred an alternative face; I mean it is Stan Lee and he's gotten a couple of different roles with different physical appearances face-wise. 

The worst part about the minifig. I don't get how POGO made this HUGE mistake. The arms are "sleeveless" and seem to show skin instead of sleeves of his brownish coat. I initially thought I got a defective minifig but that's not the case. I'm still on the lookout for arm pieces of the same color as the torso of Stan Lee. 

Well, at least he looks a bit more buffed at the right angle. Sleeveless Stan > Sebastian Stan? [Winter Soldier actor] 
Nope. Still hate it, sleeves > arms for Stan Lee. 

His torso's got some back print, just some simple shirt stuff. Nothing fancy. 

Look closely and you'll also see that he has a belt on his leg piece. There's also a continuation print from the torso piece to the leg piece though the colors don't seem coherent similar to the case with the torso and arms. Bad bad bad coloring, sad. 

This is Stan Lee. He's a big name for Marvel people. He created Spider-Man and a couple more superheroes. He's appeared in almost all, if not all, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, starring in cameo scenes for fun! Any comic book fan, maybe non-Marvel ones, respect and/or love this guy! 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Stan Lee minifig design. The picture above is where the minifig is supposedly based on but look closely and you'll see the differences such as the leg piece (and of course the arms). And yes, he's a playable character in the game. 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Iron Stan minifig design. This one's a design that Lego altered and I think is a great tribute to the great man who is known as Stan Lee. He features a helmet similar to Iron Man Mk I's, plus mustache! I'd love to see a minifig of this someday. 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Stanbuster design. Another design based on Stan Lee, and this time on the Hulkbuster as well. Other than the recoloring, the pencil parts and that green thing are new. They'd look weird on dioramas or scenario displays I guess, but as Marvel fans this would be a great novelty item. 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Exelsior Hulk design. Finally, the last design from the game Lego Marvel's Avengers based on Stan Lee. It's a Stan Lee Hulk!! To me, it just looks like a normal Hulk with brown shorts and the white hair and mustache. Another just-for-fun item if you ask me, though I also wouldn't judge anyone who would consider him a real Marvel superhero. 

That's all for now. On an outside note, I still have the SY Avenjet with Thanos waiting to be reviewed and a horror story on my SY Deadpool set of 8 to share.. Also, next time I go out, I hope to be able to catch the two DLP Spider-Men sets. Keep checking back to get the latest updates! 

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