POGO | Classic Wolverine Minifig

POGO's new X-Men minifigs set featured a new Wolverine minifig that is the best I have ever seen. 

The new POGO minifig is based on classic Wolverine, and I have no complaints. I think most, if not all, Marvel fans love or at least appreciate this classic Wolverine costume. 

POGO's design was stolen actually came from KO Custom Minifigs. It's a site selling third-party custom Lego minifigs and I have to say that I'm impressed with what they have/had. For those who don't know, bootleggers for the most part simply look at or obtain these third-party customizers. I've seen some of these custom minifig makers be okay or even support these bootlegs from forums etc., though I would also understand if they got annoyed, insulted, or enraged. I doubt customizing minifigs is an easy task to do and having such designs and efforts stolen by bootleggers may be very offensive and insulting to them. 

The front view of classic Wolverine. Classic yellow, blue, and black! He even comes with the classic red belt! Also, that thing on his shoulder is a removable accessory. His claws are plastic but chrome. His helmet is also removable. 

The back view of the minifig. It's very consistent with the front portion of the minifig and really blends well compared to other minifigs wherein there are no back prints or the back prints don't seem to be in coherence with the front. 

His arms. Wolverine's wrists are colored blue, all the way down to the whole gloves, I like this design though I think POGO could have done better when it came to printing/coloring. The colors seemed off and didn't seem solid, I highly doubt that was intended. It's also worth mentioning that at first, I didn't like the arms' prints. "Were the muscles being printed really necessary?" Then I looked closely and noticed that the muscles had hair on them (printed of course) and just thought to myself that that was brilliant! Designer didn't forget that Wolverine's one hairy hero! 

One of his faces come with the usual Wolverine look with goggles on to cover his eyes with white when the helmet was on. Works really well if you ask me, just as good, if not better, than Lego Batman's bandana look. 

The back face comes with normal Logan look. (Yes, Logan is Wolverine's real name.) The mask still works on him even with his "normal" eyes. 

A closer look at Wolverine's helmet. From what I can see, it seems to simply be a copy of Lego's own Wolverine helmet. Though again, POGO could have done better with printing. Look closely above and see that the yellow nose part seems crooked. 

Printing still doesn't look as great from above. The black and yellow don't seem to be in coherence, the picture above explains it because I can't really find the phrase to describe it best. 

Side view of the head. There's a small "dent" on both sides of the helmet and I honestly don't know if Lego has those too or if they're really supposed to be there. It doesn't bother me as much though. What bothers me more is the plastic nub on the helmet that remained from I guess their plastic base. Just like when you remove parts from Gunpla or model kits without nice cutters. 

The shoulder piece is an amazing addition. I wanna say it's the best thing in this Wolverine minifig but I can't because too many things about it are just amazing. Despite it being amazing, POGO again fails us a bit. The printing or coloring again is not done well. Look above and see how the yellow blends with the blue; no coherence. I really hope POGO improves their quality control. 

SHINY! I don't know what's brighter, this thing or the designer's mind. Honestly though, why is this the first Wolverine minifig I have encountered with chrome claws. And even I didn't think of it! POGO does well with this accessory by the way. 

Arms. Again, I initially disliked the muscles. Then you see the hair, and remember that everyone gives Wolverine lectures about his hair and his animalistic features. Thank you very much for a very hairy Wolverine! I hope that didn't sound wrong! 

A look at Wolverine with the "eye face" and the helmet/mask on. Looks good! 

A look at Wolverine with the "goggles face" and the helmet/mask on. Looks better! 
Maybe it's worth mentioning that the shoulder piece isn't as tight as expected, it moves occasionally but not enough to annoy me anyway. [Also, through the flash you can see that plastic nub on the head. Sad.]

A comparison on POGO's Wolverine and two of Sheng Yuan's Wolverines. I had more but decided to compare just the Wolverines with masks. 

Just so you know, this SY Wolverine also did not come with the same Wolverine claws, I simply replaced it some time ago. 

I dislike Sheng Yuan's Wolverine mask. It's too big and too thick in my opinion and it may be decent but beside the Lego or POGO ones', it's crap. 

Overall, POGO's Wolverine minifig is great. Improve the printing and coloring and it would have been even better. 

Just for reference: Classic Wolverine costume. See the hair on the arms? Add to that, the red belt and the blue wrist pads. KO Custom Minifigs did a great job getting that classic Wolverine look. 

For reference: KO Custom Minifig's Chrome Claws. Unlike bootleggers, these 3rd party custom minifig makers respect the rights and all that legal stuff Lego has and the companies involved, hence the name Chrome Claws. 

Chrome Claws is the perfect Wolverine minifig. All the great features + the great printing and coloring that POGO lacked. 



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