Monday, October 24, 2016

POGO | Stan Lee Minifig

A review on POGO's [Marvel's] Stan Lee.

Stan Lee's the type of person with that very distinct look that makes his face and physical appearance a very familiar one once you see him. This minifigure [courtesy of Lego's design] does not fail in that as well. 

Remove his grey hair piece and you'll find yourself a print-less back face. I would've preferred an alternative face; I mean it is Stan Lee and he's gotten a couple of different roles with different physical appearances face-wise. 

The worst part about the minifig. I don't get how POGO made this HUGE mistake. The arms are "sleeveless" and seem to show skin instead of sleeves of his brownish coat. I initially thought I got a defective minifig but that's not the case. I'm still on the lookout for arm pieces of the same color as the torso of Stan Lee. 

Well, at least he looks a bit more buffed at the right angle. Sleeveless Stan > Sebastian Stan? [Winter Soldier actor] 
Nope. Still hate it, sleeves > arms for Stan Lee. 

His torso's got some back print, just some simple shirt stuff. Nothing fancy. 

Look closely and you'll also see that he has a belt on his leg piece. There's also a continuation print from the torso piece to the leg piece though the colors don't seem coherent similar to the case with the torso and arms. Bad bad bad coloring, sad. 

This is Stan Lee. He's a big name for Marvel people. He created Spider-Man and a couple more superheroes. He's appeared in almost all, if not all, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, starring in cameo scenes for fun! Any comic book fan, maybe non-Marvel ones, respect and/or love this guy! 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Stan Lee minifig design. The picture above is where the minifig is supposedly based on but look closely and you'll see the differences such as the leg piece (and of course the arms). And yes, he's a playable character in the game. 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Iron Stan minifig design. This one's a design that Lego altered and I think is a great tribute to the great man who is known as Stan Lee. He features a helmet similar to Iron Man Mk I's, plus mustache! I'd love to see a minifig of this someday. 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Stanbuster design. Another design based on Stan Lee, and this time on the Hulkbuster as well. Other than the recoloring, the pencil parts and that green thing are new. They'd look weird on dioramas or scenario displays I guess, but as Marvel fans this would be a great novelty item. 

Lego Marvel Avengers' Exelsior Hulk design. Finally, the last design from the game Lego Marvel's Avengers based on Stan Lee. It's a Stan Lee Hulk!! To me, it just looks like a normal Hulk with brown shorts and the white hair and mustache. Another just-for-fun item if you ask me, though I also wouldn't judge anyone who would consider him a real Marvel superhero. 

That's all for now. On an outside note, I still have the SY Avenjet with Thanos waiting to be reviewed and a horror story on my SY Deadpool set of 8 to share.. Also, next time I go out, I hope to be able to catch the two DLP Spider-Men sets. Keep checking back to get the latest updates! 

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  1. Ghostbusters for the correct arms

    1. The ones I have from Lepin Ghostbuster HQ have Ghostbusters printing on the arms and would make Stan look weird.. I think an overall change of body would be more doable actually.. haha

  2. My bootleg didint have any arm printing.
    Got the real lego aswel and they dont either.

    1. Interesting. My Lepin ones have and the arms are pretty detailed. Can't seem to post pictures in comments at the moment, but I'll show them sometime I hope. And I'm not entirely sure on this but I think Lepin DID NOT use the same Ghostbusters minifigs as Lego's in the HQ set instead used the ones from the Ghostbusters vehicle? Though again, I am not entirely sure about this.

  3. Get the pack of 4 figs from ali

    1. Maybe! Though I don't really buy from Ali, I buy from local stores which are a bit too far from my house that's why my posts are somewhat delayed :(

  4. Replies
    1. I am clueless at painting Lego pieces :( Or in our case, bootlego haha