Thursday, January 26, 2017

Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum from Sheng Yuan


Will surely be getting this soon. Waiting for this was my reason for not picking up the POGO Dr. Strange minifigs. Now I can finally get them!! 

I've noticed Sheng Yuan releasing Lego imitations in small quantities recently. The last one was the Ghost Rider set and now this, and both were released without other sets with them unlike the Civil War sets. I just hope Sheng Yuan releases more this year because they're still the best for me, but I guess these small releases are better than nothing. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vacation Getaways Bootleg Lego Set from Decool

This one is a copy of Lego 31052. 

This Lego set has actually been copied by Sembo Block before, I even posted about it before over here

I still remember the good old Decool x Sheng Yuan rivalry when Lepin, POGO, XINH, etc. weren't around yet and it's interesting to see the two of them producing the same sets again [even though I'm sure we'd all prefer if they made different sets for more choices for us consumers. 

Quality wise, Decool hasn't been a disappointment to me and to others, though recently I'm not quite sure while Sembo Block I'm sure has been delivering quite well. In the end I think it's all up to the price and availability whether you're gonna choose to go with Sembo or Decool. 

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Polybag Mini Vehicles Bootlego Lego from Decool

I'm pretty sure these vehicles were found in past Lego Creator polybags. 

No time to really research for their Lego counterparts, so I'll leave that up to you guys. I personally think these sets are great because we're able to get those smaller sets as opposed to the traditional huge sets from Lepin and single minifigs from POGO and XINH. Also, the parts seem interesting enough for all you cusstomizers out there. 

Thought I think that other than collectors, these ones are meant for gifts that you can give to children because these seem easy enough to build for younger audiences while still not being too boring to build like those bigger block toys. 

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Set of 8 Soldier Minifigs from Duo Le Pin

More guns! 

Sheng Yuan has been really busy.. Sembo and Sheng Yuan themselves have been releasing products under their name and now their 3rd brand, DLP, is also out releasing new stuff! 

Personally still don't have that minigun accessory, maybe this set will finally give me one for my Punisher hehe! Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook

Ninjago Dragons Bootleg Lego from Sembo

I don't know anything about Ninjago but you guys might be interested!

No automatic alt text available.

Interesting to see that this has images of both the Sembo Block branding and the Sheng Yuan branding! Still asking myself why they need 2 [+ 1 (Duo Le Pin) brands to release their similarly marketed products anyway.. 

Sorry the pics are of low resolution but it still serves as a heads up for all you Ninjago fans! 

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Iron Patriot Hulkbuster by Sembo Block

Surprised that SY used Sembo Block as the "brand" instead of Sheng Yuan themselves.. 

Here's the 6th Hulkbuster from Sheng Yuan.. Not counting the bigfig from the Civil War airport set. From what I remember, the past ones were the: AoU Lego bootleg Hulkbuster, the other Red+Yellow one, the green one, the blue Igor one, and the grey Mark I, in no particular order. 

Why does this set have a Captain America shield? Why does Rhodes have hair? Well, most of these questions will be answered by: "It's a bootleg." Haha 

Still, it's quite an interesting set and way better than generic Iron Man Hulkbusters in different colors. Would've preferred other characters though but oh well. Another interesting thing is Sheng Yuan used Sembo Block, they're the same company and it makes me wonder even more how SY bases their products + brand relationship.. A good thing is that Sembo Block, or Sheng Yuan, or Duo Le Pin, they all have more or less good quality! 

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Lepin 15014: Fairgrounds Mixer Preview

Lepin releases a bootleg of a carnival-like set from Lego! 

What worries me are the minifigs, but Lepin has been improving and there don't seem to be any unique headpieces here unlike Star Wars etc. 

To get a glimpse of what the set will look like, check it out from Lego's site

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vader's TIE Advanced vs A-Wing Starfighter by Lepin Star Wnrs

I've never seen this before, but it may be an old set that others have already purchased/seen because the name "Star Wnrs" is Lepin's old name for their bootleg Lego Star Wars products. 

I love both fighters, and if it's with the right price, I think it's absolutely worth it for any Star Wars fan to purchase. It also includes 4 minifigs! 

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Star Wars Rogue One Minifigs from Dargo

Dargo also uses the name Space Wars apparently. 

These are CG images though.. Dargo has been 50-50 recently if I'm correct. Some of their releases are good - great while others are just meh. Personally, I'd suggest to you guys to stick to POGO or XINH but who knows, maybe this one from Dargo isn't bad + seems like these ones are 2-in-1 each. 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

UCS Darth Vader's Tie Advanced from Lepin Star Plan

Lepin releases another UCS clone, this time from Darth Vader himself! 

If you're asking why there's no minifig included, it's because it's a clone of the UCS Lego series. Basically, it's their line of sets that aren't meant for kids/playing but really more for collectors. Hence the name UCS or Ultimate Collectors' Series. 

This one's a copy of Lego's 10175 Vader's Tie Advanced to be exact. 

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Detailed Set Pictures of Lepin's Bathero Arkham Asylum Based on Upcoming Lego Batman Movie

One of the most interesting sets from the upcoming Lepin Bathero line! 

Lepin No. 07055 Bathero Arkham Asylum

The building doesn't fully close; this is very different from Marvel's Avengers Tower and Ghostbusters' HQ as those open and close for a more "solid" build. I guess this one has more emphasis on being a playset for kids rather than a collectible, but I'm pretty sure lots of you out there will still want this added to your collections! 

Again, here are the play gimmicks. The thing about these minifigs is that they all have the same torsos and legs. I get that it's in theme with the set but we should have extra torsos for their actual villain looks. Oh well, I guess it's Lego's/Lepin's way of telling us to buy the other sets as well. 

Threre's even a cop car included! Those weights look great too, first time I've seen them honestly. 

My biggest concern about this set would be the minifig quality. Lepin isn't known for the minifig quality and with 12 included in the set, I don't if that's a good sign for any future owners. Still though, the minifigs are fairly simple so I'm willing to bet that Lepin will be able to give decent to great quality minifigs. As backup, we'll still have POGO and XINH anyway as early minifig suppliers. 

Personally, as a Marvel collector instead of DC, the only reason for me picking this up is for making it into the X-Mansion. Just sharing! Haha. 

What do you guys think? Will you stand by Lepin's early release? Or wait for others like Sheng Yuan to release their versions, assuming they do release them in the first place? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lots of New Lepin Bathero Sets Based on Lego Batman Movie


Well, any Batman fan would be enthusiastic about these.. Enjoy, my friends! 

Thanks to anonymous for the tip and pictures! 

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bootleg Lego Caterham Seven 620R by Lepin


Apparently this set came from Lego Ideas. From afar I thought this was a Technic set actually but I guess it's really not. I hope Lepin and other bootleggers create even rejected/pending Lego Ideas sets.. Here's to hoping for that huge X-Mansion and the Bus from Agents of Shield.. 

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Minecraft Minecart Set by Lepin Mineeraft


This is a new one from Lepin. Is this Lepin's first Minecraft set? I haven't really noticed since I'm not that interested in Minecraft Lego sets anyway, but lots of kids out there might be and this one is one of the better ones out there I guess. 

Knowing that this came from Lepin, and that Lepin is hit or miss with minifigs, the pictures of this set so far look decent, if not great. Don't know about the sword though if that's how they really look like with official Lego, but compared to other Lepin minifigs [especially Rogue One minifigs] this one's pretty great. 

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bathero by Lepin Releases Arkham Asylum Set from Lego Batman Movie

"The big one" 

For any Batman fan, this would be a must-have. Look at all those minifigs.. Only hope the villains have alternate bodies for before/after their arrest. Haha! 

This one should be a 90-100% copy of the Lego one so just look at that one to see the features. Hopefully Lepin does a good job on the minifigs, but if ever, there are other brands like XINH or POGO out there for minifigs anyway. 

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Two Additional Sets from Lego Batman Movie by Lepin

Two new Lego Batman Movie vehicle sets from Lepin! 

Sweet ride, Penguin. Too bad no henchmen. 

This car or Suicide Squad Joker car? Hmmm 

Now there are 3 sets from Lepin based around this theme and more are to come for sure so stay tuned and keep your wallets controlled in case you're on a budget and something nicer comes out! :D 

I'm a bit happy they're not Batman vehicles because most of the DC Lego sets are based on Batmobiles or BatJets or BatBoats or whatever BatSomething and even though they're nice builds, I'm pretty sure lots of you guys want something new. 

Will you be picking these up asap? Or wait for newer releases? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Lego Batman Movie Bootleg Set as Lepin Bathero

"Bathero" Finally, Lepin getting better at picking names! 

No automatic alt text available.

This is one of the many sets coming out soon from the new Lego Batman Movie coming soon. 

Just sharing the picture. I don't know much about DC sets but I'm pretty sure a Man-Bat has been released before along with countless other Batman themed sets.. Haha. There'll be more of these popping out soon for sure, so stay tuned especially if you're a huge Batman fan! 

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