Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vacation Getaways Bootleg Lego Set from Decool

This one is a copy of Lego 31052. 

This Lego set has actually been copied by Sembo Block before, I even posted about it before over here

I still remember the good old Decool x Sheng Yuan rivalry when Lepin, POGO, XINH, etc. weren't around yet and it's interesting to see the two of them producing the same sets again [even though I'm sure we'd all prefer if they made different sets for more choices for us consumers. 

Quality wise, Decool hasn't been a disappointment to me and to others, though recently I'm not quite sure while Sembo Block I'm sure has been delivering quite well. In the end I think it's all up to the price and availability whether you're gonna choose to go with Sembo or Decool. 

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