Wednesday, November 30, 2016

AT-AT Walker from Lego Star Wars Released as Lepin's Star Plan Set

Lots of work from Lepin recently. Some old Star Wars sets to be exact. 

What's interesting to see here, other than the Star Wars theme, is the presence of the motor functions. It says "Battery Function" on the box, it'll be really interesting how well Lepin will make this and if Lepin will pull it off or will the AT-AT be easily dismantled unlike the ones in the movies? 

So far though there are 4 minifigs. I would check the original Lego set for comparison but I'm really tight on time recently, just saw this now and thought that others may be interested. 

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Bootleg Krennic's Shuttle from Lego Star Wars Rogue One Released by Lepin

Lepin releases a Star Wars Rogue One shuttle. 

Hopefully it comes with a stand since it'll be really hard to display it with those wings out. 

At least it still looks great with the wings folded. 

I don't see any minifigs from the box art but the official Lego one has minifigs. We'll just have to wait and see.

On a general note, it's nice to see that Lepin finally changed the "Star WNrs" logo, this time it's Star Plan and I surely prefer it, not love, but prefer it. 

For reference, here are the Lego minifigs:

And here is another picture of the official Lego one: 

Well that's all folks! Honestly, I'm not really sure when Lepin posts Star Wars sets if they're from Rogue One or from older sets. Still, I'll try to share anything else I find! 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Minifigs from POGO!

Cool helmets!! 

There really hasn't been a lot of bootlego news recently, but this one's something. 

I'm not a huge LOTR fan but I think I know enough to recognize that the guys above are LOTR/The Hobbit characters. 

They seem interesting enough, I only wish they came with weapons [swords for most of them] and more accessories as well. Still would've preferred orcs or Uruk-hai but these are fine as well at least.

Collector55 from reddit named all the minifigs above!
Top Row:
  1. King Théoden, 2. Éomer, 3. Rohan Soldier, 4. Bard the Bowman (Battle of the Five Armies version)
Bottom Row:
  1. Gríma Wormtongue, 2. Boromir, 3. Aragorn, 4. Bard the Bowman (Lake Town version)

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Interesting Bootleg Lego Charizard and Blastoise of Pokemon from Sheng Yuan

In case you're not familiar, the orange one is Charizard and the blue one is Blastoise. This is a step up from those small buildable Pokemon Lego figures from Decool [and other brands] if I'm not mistaken. 

Maybe after seeing some clearer pictures, I'll decide if I should get them. In the meantime, enjoy the box art I found! 

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

POGO PG8027: LOTR Elves Minifigs

Lots of Lego news recently, not much about bootlegs.. Here's a refresher. 

Just gonna lay them out here. I don't really these characters, but they are absolutely interesting. 
I think they are elves from the Lord of the Rings franchise. Maybe they came from The Hobbit sets. 


PG509 - Haldir
PG510 - Tauriel
PG511 - Legolas (LOTR version)
PG512 - Mirkwood Elf Chief
PG513 - Legolas (Hobbit version)
PG514 - Mirkwood Elf
PG515 - Mirkwood Elf Guard
PG516 - Elrond

Thanks to Reddit user Collector55 for the names!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bootleg Lego Marvel Superheroes Doc Ock's Tentacle Trap Released by Lepin

Lepin outs the 501pcs Marvel set as their own. 

As you can see, the Dock Ock thing is a mech that is piloted by Otto Octavius himself, aka Doctor Octopus. Personally, I don't find this set too interesting. The minifigs are really the biggest reasons for getting this set. 

So a couple of minifigs, a big Doc Ock mech, and a police speed boat are included in the set. 

The minifigs included are interesting enough, except POGO and XINH have released most of them already. All of them, except the Captain Stacy one. Loving the web surf board though that Spider-Man is on! 


Monday, November 21, 2016

New Authentic Lego Marvel 2017 Sets

Lego announces their new 2017 Lego Marvel sets! 

Yes, it's not bootleg news. 

This set contains three minifigs, new minifigs thankfully, more or less. Also comes with a jet.. again.. 

The minifigs look interesting though. That Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel minifig with strethed arms and big fists is a MUST-HAVE. The Adaptoid is alright, I don't like that it has red wings but they're removable anyway, just wished they were grey instead. Finally, the Captain America and his jet seem to be my least favorite. Captain's different at least, but his jet is just meh. They should have included something else. 

I like this one more than the first set, except of course for that amazing Kamala Khan. This one comes with Justin Hammer aka Detroit Steel and Agent Coulson (finally) and a new Iron Man mold!! 

Coulson's car is a must-have just like his minifig. It's iconic especially if you watch Agents of Shield. Meanwhile, the mech also looks interesting but I would have preferred a bigfig Detroit Steel, but this looks alright too anyway, and I love the Justin Hammer minifig, new helmet too! This Iron Man though, is that the new Iron Man? All New All Different Iron Man? Eitherway, it's great that we have a new helmet for him because the same thing over and over again was just too boring. 

This is the Detroit Steel I would've preferred. Taken from Lego Marvel Avengers game. 

Lastly, a new Hulk set. Would've preferred a set wherein the Hulks fought inside a building or a street or anywhere that could be chaotic, and not with big monster trucks that don't make sense for Hulk.. 

Still, the minifigs are new so that's good. The bigfigs are also new, believe it or not. Green Hulk has green hair and a different shade of green skin while Red Hulk is not merely a repaint of the minifig but has the more loyal-to-the-comics hair + an angrier, more suiting face for him. 

That's all there is to report right now. Sooner or later, bootleggers will be copying these and as much as I'd feel bad for Lego, I can't wait to see what new gimmicks bootleggers, especially SY, will include with their clones just so there's "more" for their customers. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Taj Mahal is Lepin's Set No. 17001

Lego's Taj Mahal has been cloned by Lepin, unsurprisingly. 

This is Lepin 17001, and it's a copy of Lego's own Taj Mahal set. 

If I remember correctly, this is one of the largest Lego sets ever released, in terms of number of pieces at least, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong below! 

With Lego's own Taj Mahal having 5922 pieces, I'm sure Lepin will have almost the same with only a few parts changed as they usually do with their own releases. They switch out small portions of the build that don't really change the Lego design. 

This is Lego's version, the original version. 

Will I be picking this set up? I don't know, most likely not. I'm fairly sure this will be an expensive set even for Lepin standards, as it has more parts than the Ghostbusters HQ and I already spent a fortune on that especially since I am only a student. Still, I can easily say that this is an interesting set and I'd love to see this in real life soon. 

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Roaring Power Lego Creator Cloned by Decool

Decool clones a Lego Creator set, Lego's Roaring Power.

This set features a 3-in-1 design. The dinosaur could also be built as a car or as a plane. A really interesting toy especially for kids. 

Here is Lego's original box art. It's worth noting that Decool used "Architect" instead of "Creator" and I think this is a smart move legally. It's obvious that Decool copied Lego but that small name change could be worth using as defense haha. 

What made me post about this one, because I don't normally post about non-Marvel/non-Star Wars things, is that the red dinosaur in this build can work very well as Devil Dinosaur. 

Devil Dinosaur is a character from the Marvel universe. He's a red dinosaur and he is considered a superhero. Yes, I'm a Marvel fan and I'm a big enough Marvel fan to pick this Decool set up and use him as a Devil Dinosaur. Even the yellow eyes of the Decool/Lego set fit the Devil Dinosaur look perfectly, except Roaring Power looks more robotic than organice.. 

The only thing stopping me from picking this Decool set up is this design. It is my preferred Devil Dinosaur design, and it was first seen in a Lego Marvel game. Bootleggers could easily make this design by simply repainting Jurassic World dinosaurs or let's call them dinofigs since they're not buildables or bigfigs anyway. 

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chrome Vision from POGO

Spotted an interesting chrome minifig, Vision. 

I'm not really a fan of chrome minifigs, but it kinda suits Vision, just a bit. I would've preferred a transparent Vision though; that suits Vision better because of his powers. 

My main wish still, when it comes to Vision, is the classic Vision minifig, make him come with the classic cape like Dr. Strange's except in color yellow and of course the classic design. 

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SY Sheng Yuan | Hulkbuster Bigfig

I almost forgot about this guy who came with the Airport Set from SY

If it's not obvious enough, the bigfig here is Hulkbuster from the Lego games. He's an exclusive bigfig included in one of SY's buildable sets. A great way for SY to entice buyers to get their late releases. 

He's a unique bigfig. No mold like this before, unlike Hulk bigfigs and similar bigfigs that just repaint or retool Hulk molds. Despite being different, he's still designed well enough for Lego fans to know that he's a Lego [or Bootlego in our case] figure. 

The back is still detailed pretty well. I really can't tell how "accurate" this design is but even without proper loyalty to the comics, I can't deny that he's designed well.

It's also worth noting that his arms, or elbows to be exact, have wiring designs. 

Unfortunately, and normally, the wire design breaks off when the arm moves. No complaints here really since at least the arms move or bend unlike Decool's poorly articulated Hulkbuster bigfig. 

It's also worth mentioning the removable shoulder pads, though I'm not entirely sure if these parts work with other parts too because I don't see lots of those holes or same kinds of fittings anywhere else. Still, it doesn't do any harm that they're removable so why not. (Unless you lose them..) 

Here is a size comparison with a regular Iron Man minifig. 

A size comparison with Lego's Age of Ultron Hulkbuster. Well, this one's from Sheng Yuan but it's the same thing more or less.

Here is the most important comparison though, Sheng Yuan Hulkbuster bigfig on the left and Decool Hulkbuster bigfig on the right.

I never really liked the Decool Hulkbuster, though I also never hated it. It was an "okay" design, not wow, not eww.

One thing about the Decool design is that, I think, it is more accurate to the one found in the Lego Marvel Superheroes game. The first game, and not the sequel Lego Marvel Avengers; the Hulkbuster in the second game is the one from Age of Ultron already. One thing to note is that, maybe the Decool looks more like the one in the game because of the pose, or not; I guess it's really just preference.

For me, the Sheng Yuan back is way better than Decool's. Decool's isn't so bad too anyway. Again, it all boils down to preference. One thing to note is that you can buy the Decool Hulkbuster as a single purchase while Sheng Yuan's Hulkbuster is only available through getting the whole Civil War Airport set.

Last thing to note about the two Hulkbusters are their respective feet. See the difference in the pictures. SY Hulkbuster has "aligned" feet with 2x2 designs while Decool's Hulkbuster follow the traditional one-foot-forward design taken from Hulk bigfigs, and also in 2x3 designs. 

If the only thing stopping you from picking up this Hulkbuster set is it's accuracy to whatever source material, then here's a look at Marvel Legends' Hulkbuster figure. Looks similar to Lego's game's designs and to me, SY bigfig looks a lot like this one.

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If you're interested, the set that included this bigfig was reviewed before over here!


Friday, November 18, 2016

More Marvel Minifigs from Duo Le Pin

Wow, DLP seems to be on a roll these days.

I'm glad they're releasing more stuff, but I only wish they were actually new characters. Still, this is better than nothing. 

I can see that the Thanos bigfig they're releasing is just like Sheng Yuan's. The slanted feet gave it away. I have heard that DLP is owned by SY anyway so that could explain it. 

From what I can see, it's Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Thanos, Red Hulk, Captain America (Hydra), Hawkeye, and Spider-Man. I'll be waiting for more pictures and information before deciding if I should pick them up. 

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Marvel and DC Minifigs from Duo Le Pin

Duo Le Pin releases new minifigs! New minifig print designs to be exact! Yay! 

From what I can see, we have ANAD Captain America, Superman/Superboy in white costume, X-Men Deadpool, and Spider-Mech. 

Actually not sure about the Deadpool costume, it might not be the X-Men costume (because that's more blue than yellow) but maybe something else. It may be his alternate costume from Marvel vs Capcom game.

EDIT: Deadpool here is Deadpool from Earth-5700! Thanks to Eurobricks user adalric for the heads up! 

Really loving this Spider-Mech guy. Funny thing though is that, the spider that comes with him is the same spider from the first DLP Spider-Man set.. 

Also Spider-Mech is different from Cyborg Spider-Man as seen from above. 

Really excited about this set. SY and DLP are one from what I've heard and knowing SY's great quality and also DLP's great quality (I have the first Spider-Man set from them), I am very pleased. Since SY isn't really releasing new designs recently, I hope they at least make new ones through DLP.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Some New Harry Potter Minifigs from XINH

XINH won't let POGO beat them in the minifig game. 

Harry Potter, Hermione, Dumbledore, Ginny, Ron, Lucius Malfoy (Death Eater), Fred/George Weasley, Luna Lovegood 

I don't have the time right now to check if they come from original Lego sets but there they are! They're new though for sure, for bootleggers at least. I don't see POGO making these. 

This is POGO's Harry Potter minifig set. Only 6, compared to XINH's first Harry Potter minifig set. 

This is XINH's first set. Having 2 extra minifigs more than POGO. 

I've seen some of these in person, though honestly not sure if they were POGO or XINH, but they were of good quality. Hopefully people out there review them asap, both new and old minifigs. I'll try to get my hands on them too, even though I'm not too big of a Harry Potter fan. 

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