Thursday, November 3, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Giant-Man "Buildfig"

This is Sheng Yuan's Giant-Man copied from Lego's Marvel Superheroes Airport Battle. 

This is what I call a 'buildfig' because it's not a bigfig like Hulk, Thanos, and others and it's also definitely not a minifig. It's got tons of stickers so if you hate applying stickers, then you better think twice before getting this one! 

Zoom in to the face and you'll see clear eyes through the red lens. It might seem weird at first and too childish, but if you've watched the Civil War film, you'd know that Scott Lang's eyes really are visible through the red visors. 

His mouthpiece also folds outwards, giving us a view of his mouth, though this wasn't the way it was designed in the movie, at least from what we saw. Maybe we'll see more in the Ant-Man sequel movie.
Look closely and you'll see that the eyes aren't aligned with the mouth, meaning the eyes weren't printed in the center. It's not too much of a big deal for me but I have to admit that it bothers me a bit, and to some it may even be unacceptable. The face print is actually the only part wherein it's printed and not a sticker and sadly Sheng Yuan messed up the printing.. I hope not everyone got their Giant-Man like this. 

A look at the torso and legs. Yes, those are stickers and not printed parts. By the way, I'm sorry about my Giant-Man buildfig being a bit dusty, I didn't notice until I was right here writing about it. 

His arms connect to his body through ball joints. Despite this, I find him having very limited articulation, but hey minifigs also have limited arm articulation anyway. 

The hand could have been better in my opinion, but at his current scale, there aren't too many choices out there anyway. At least this hand can hold minifigs, that's a good plus point! 

Just a view of his back part. I am honestly disappointed that it's all black. He feels and looks incomplete because of this. 

Trying out some poses on Giant-Man. So the arms can move to the left and right a bit and not just up and down unlike usual Lego minifigs. His head also turns! 

He can also hold minifigs! This is him holding a XINH Ant-Man minifig. I have to admit that his hands have a great grip on the minifig as long as you fit him there nicely! 

Maybe it's also worth mentioning that Giant-Man here does have Civil War Ant-Man's looks and that explains why Giant-Man and the XINH Ant-Man have different torsos. Basically, XINH is from Ant-Man movie and SY Giant-Man is from Civil War movie. I bought the XINH Ant-Man because SY's Ant-Man from various sets does not have the red visor, so basically it's empty eye holes for the helmet and I don't like that.

Oh and another thing, Giant-Man is holding Ant-Man who is also holding Ant-Man in shrunken form! This Ant-Man is actually a microfig and he is amazing. Great print, great details. I thank Sheng Yuan for the quality and I thank Lego for the design. He also comes from the same set as Giant-Man, the Civil War Airport Battle from Lego. 

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[SY Marvel Superheroes Airport Battle review coming soon!]


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