Monday, November 21, 2016

New Authentic Lego Marvel 2017 Sets

Lego announces their new 2017 Lego Marvel sets! 

Yes, it's not bootleg news. 

This set contains three minifigs, new minifigs thankfully, more or less. Also comes with a jet.. again.. 

The minifigs look interesting though. That Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel minifig with strethed arms and big fists is a MUST-HAVE. The Adaptoid is alright, I don't like that it has red wings but they're removable anyway, just wished they were grey instead. Finally, the Captain America and his jet seem to be my least favorite. Captain's different at least, but his jet is just meh. They should have included something else. 

I like this one more than the first set, except of course for that amazing Kamala Khan. This one comes with Justin Hammer aka Detroit Steel and Agent Coulson (finally) and a new Iron Man mold!! 

Coulson's car is a must-have just like his minifig. It's iconic especially if you watch Agents of Shield. Meanwhile, the mech also looks interesting but I would have preferred a bigfig Detroit Steel, but this looks alright too anyway, and I love the Justin Hammer minifig, new helmet too! This Iron Man though, is that the new Iron Man? All New All Different Iron Man? Eitherway, it's great that we have a new helmet for him because the same thing over and over again was just too boring. 

This is the Detroit Steel I would've preferred. Taken from Lego Marvel Avengers game. 

Lastly, a new Hulk set. Would've preferred a set wherein the Hulks fought inside a building or a street or anywhere that could be chaotic, and not with big monster trucks that don't make sense for Hulk.. 

Still, the minifigs are new so that's good. The bigfigs are also new, believe it or not. Green Hulk has green hair and a different shade of green skin while Red Hulk is not merely a repaint of the minifig but has the more loyal-to-the-comics hair + an angrier, more suiting face for him. 

That's all there is to report right now. Sooner or later, bootleggers will be copying these and as much as I'd feel bad for Lego, I can't wait to see what new gimmicks bootleggers, especially SY, will include with their clones just so there's "more" for their customers. 

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