Monday, November 14, 2016

Tauntaun Figure is Released by POGO

A tauntaun is a horse-like animal from the Star Wars series, as seen in Episode V. 

POGO does it again. This here is actually a fig from an official Lego set. I don't really know what to call these figures as they're not minifigs, bigfigs, or "buildables" so I just call them figures.. 

This figure actually came from a 2009 Lego Star Wars set known as "Echo Base" along with 5 other minifigs. Those face designs look pretty old! 

For those who don't remember the tauntaun, here's an image of its appearance in the Star Wars movies. In one part, if I remember correctly, Luke cuts one of them up to use its insides for warmth. Poor tauntaun. 

POGO seems to be a really big Star Wars fan following the influx of Star Wars products. Really hoping they do the same for Marvel soon (biased sorry) as well as other lines, well I guess they have been delivering in the form of Big Bang Theory and The Beatles. Still though, the more the merrier. 

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  1. I hope they make the wampa and the new hoth sets.

    1. I ordered two tantans. They won't have riders unless they do more hoth

    2. Yes please. Wampa bigfig on my wishlist.