Saturday, November 19, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Hulkbuster Bigfig

I almost forgot about this guy who came with the Airport Set from SY

If it's not obvious enough, the bigfig here is Hulkbuster from the Lego games. He's an exclusive bigfig included in one of SY's buildable sets. A great way for SY to entice buyers to get their late releases. 

He's a unique bigfig. No mold like this before, unlike Hulk bigfigs and similar bigfigs that just repaint or retool Hulk molds. Despite being different, he's still designed well enough for Lego fans to know that he's a Lego [or Bootlego in our case] figure. 

The back is still detailed pretty well. I really can't tell how "accurate" this design is but even without proper loyalty to the comics, I can't deny that he's designed well.

It's also worth noting that his arms, or elbows to be exact, have wiring designs. 

Unfortunately, and normally, the wire design breaks off when the arm moves. No complaints here really since at least the arms move or bend unlike Decool's poorly articulated Hulkbuster bigfig. 

It's also worth mentioning the removable shoulder pads, though I'm not entirely sure if these parts work with other parts too because I don't see lots of those holes or same kinds of fittings anywhere else. Still, it doesn't do any harm that they're removable so why not. (Unless you lose them..) 

Here is a size comparison with a regular Iron Man minifig. 

A size comparison with Lego's Age of Ultron Hulkbuster. Well, this one's from Sheng Yuan but it's the same thing more or less.

Here is the most important comparison though, Sheng Yuan Hulkbuster bigfig on the left and Decool Hulkbuster bigfig on the right.

I never really liked the Decool Hulkbuster, though I also never hated it. It was an "okay" design, not wow, not eww.

One thing about the Decool design is that, I think, it is more accurate to the one found in the Lego Marvel Superheroes game. The first game, and not the sequel Lego Marvel Avengers; the Hulkbuster in the second game is the one from Age of Ultron already. One thing to note is that, maybe the Decool looks more like the one in the game because of the pose, or not; I guess it's really just preference.

For me, the Sheng Yuan back is way better than Decool's. Decool's isn't so bad too anyway. Again, it all boils down to preference. One thing to note is that you can buy the Decool Hulkbuster as a single purchase while Sheng Yuan's Hulkbuster is only available through getting the whole Civil War Airport set.

Last thing to note about the two Hulkbusters are their respective feet. See the difference in the pictures. SY Hulkbuster has "aligned" feet with 2x2 designs while Decool's Hulkbuster follow the traditional one-foot-forward design taken from Hulk bigfigs, and also in 2x3 designs. 

If the only thing stopping you from picking up this Hulkbuster set is it's accuracy to whatever source material, then here's a look at Marvel Legends' Hulkbuster figure. Looks similar to Lego's game's designs and to me, SY bigfig looks a lot like this one.

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  1. I was hoping I could avoid picking this set up. Already have the Lego airport set and the Decool Hulkbuster. Cross-fingers for single sale sometime soon.