Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Kingpin Bigfig

A simple bigfig done well.

As you can see, this Kingpin bigfig [from Marvel Comics] is very "plain" and compared to other bigfigs out there like SY's Groot or Lego's Thanos, non-Marvel fans wouldn't probably be interested in this one. 

The Kingpin bigfig I have though isn't quite as glossy as my Hulks from Decool. I don't know if he uses a different type of plastic, but it doesn't really make him any less great. The only drawback is his color being white; it attracts more dirt and as a result looks less clean, but that's what you get for being loyal to the comics, and that's not a bad thing.  His back is also different from generic Hulk molds if you look closely, having a less "muscly" look. 

His feet are also "straight" and unlike the usual Hulk, doesn't step forward and backward respectively. To some this might be a good feature, to others it might not. Personally it doesn't bother me, and it is still way better than SY's Thanos' [and Colossus'] slanted feet. 

Here's a look from the side. Big arms, what you'd expect from a pure muscle man. Yes, according to lore, those aren't fats you see on the Kingpin, those are muscles.

For reference, this is the Kingpin in the comics. Think Sheng Yuan got the look well?

Well actually, the design comes from Lego Marvel Avengers' character roster, yes the video game. Unfortunately, SY's Kingpin doesn't come with the staff thing. And I'm not entirely sure how bigfigs can hold stick parts.

Though I think Lego actually took their design from this more than the other picture above. This is the Spider-Man show from the 90's' Kingpin. More purple just like the SY bigfig!

Personally, I love him so much that I used him and SY Daredevil as my cover photo in my Facebook Page

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  1. What set or series did this come from?

    1. From Sheng Yuan's Avenjet set! Review coming soon here! :)