Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Found a Third Party Minifigure Selling Site Where Some Bootleggers Get Their Designs


Penzora, a site that sells minifigs, may be the source of some designs of bootleggers most notably, XINH. I am not saying that they work together, but it really apparent that these designs from XINH are also seen in Penzora.

At first, some may think that may Penzora is the one copying, yet I can't say that because Penzora has more designs. Though another possible thing is that Penzora simply has XINH products plus a couple of other 3rd party customs from other people/brands.

Honestly, that's not my point. I'm just here to show you guys some interesting minifigs!

This one is Nite Owl from the Watchmen series. We see this exact minifig from Penzora and from XINH. The other Watchmen minifigs are there as well at Penzora.

Another example of one of XINH's. Star-Lord from a certain XINH set.

There was also an Emma Frost minifig in Penzora that I think POGO used before. Though I am not completely sure, it is highly possible that POGO took the design from them/other conspiracy theory about bootleggers & third party customizers. 

Now onto the ugly designs from the site. The picture says it all.. Looks like a Bucky Barnes Captain America who came out of a meme. 
 This one could have been okay but I hate the tongue on Venom's face and that torso print... wow. Pass on this one.

Well there are also some great designs. This one is Ronin, yes he's from Marvel as well, and I think his minifig looks great. 

We also have a classic Vision. I really want this, though I think the face could have been done better.. 

Lastly, a very interesting design. Arnim Zola, Captain America's enemy. Yes that's how he really looks like but I do prefer his look in Lego Marvel games, but that variant seems too difficult to make for customizers. I'd be happy with this Arnim Zola.

In the end, when browsing for 3rd party minifigs, I still prefer looking at rather than I really hope that XINH, POGO, and other bootleggers choose better designs to copy. I mean, you're already copying designs so why not just copy the good ones already?

Thanks for the time. If you've got anything else related, please leave a message below or through Facebook!



Someone from Penzora contacted me, through the comments below, and said that Penzora is currently undergoing changes! (April 29, 2017) Also, it appears that Penzora is one of the first minifig printers ever, so I'm sorry for even thinking that they were copying XINH! I feel ashamed and ridiculous. Really looking forward to these new designs from Penzora. 


  1. It's pretty rare that the bootleggers make their own designs. They take them from existing minifigs, LEGO game minifigs that don't exist in real life, and finally existing custom designers. For example, Duo Le Pin takes their Spider-Man designs from Leyilebricks.

    1. Yeah, I tend to think that the only time bootleggers make their own designs is when we get the really ugly and "forced" designs from them.. Though even then, they might have just copied them elsewhere..

  2. Xinh have definitely copied their designs from penzora. Penzora use 100% official lego parts with their custom figures and the print quality is apparently very good. You can find a review and some pictures of a decent looking saturn girl here

    1. Oh that's good to know about Penzora. They seem to be selling their minifigs at reasonable prices compared to other third party customizers. I just don't know if I should be feeling happy that they make good quality and good looking minifigs or feel sad for them because bootleggers keep getting designs from them...

  3. I didn't notice matching with any design of bootleg minifigues that I have.
    Also the pricing is insane, despite the fact most of minifigures do not look good.

    First I wanted to complain about chinese manufacturers that don't know the superheroes and make mistakes in design. For, example, I've seen 2 eyed Deathstroke on Ali, but then I noticed
    Designs do not match though.

    1. Yeah, most designs don't look good which could explain the cheaper (but still expensive) prices than other sites who sell at USD30 each or more.. I just hope Chinese bootleggers have better taste in choosing which minifigs to clone next time haha

    2. I wonder if there are any websites that possibly sell bootleg minifigs as custom made ones to people that don't know about bootleg existence.

    3. Yeah I thought of that as well.. The ultimate scam.. HAHA! That was one of my first thoughts on Penzora since some of their designs looked really crappy to be released for sale at such high prices. But people have been mentioning that Penzora prints on real Lego parts and have good quality. Maybe some reviews next time will make things clearer for us.. Or Google Images.. Haha!

  4. This is Steve from Penzora. I would like to make it clear I have not copied any other designs for these figures. I have noticed some of my designs have been copied by the chinese manufacturers. Apart from Christo and One other customiser for the States, Penzora were the first (without doubt) to start printing on LEGO parts. This is fact as we had to wait for our machine coming from Japan as they had just been introduced to the market. We are in a process of a major overhaul of what we do. We will be replacing some of our existing figures with with more updated and interesting designs.

    1. Oh cool. Looking forward to an all new Penzora! I thought you guys were just resellers of other makers [including bootlegs] since there are lots of sellers like that, no offense, but still I'm sorry about assuming anything. It's just that these bootleggers are so quick that, at times, they even release earlier than TLG.. Good luck with the store!