Saturday, March 12, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Star Wars Clone Walker Battle Pack | SY504B

The original version from Lego:
NOTE: Sadly, the SY variant doesn't have a Clone Commander as seen in the right of the image below.

Comparison of the official Lego box and Sheng Yuan's own box. Thankfully, Sheng Yuan doesn't false advertise their products (at least not in this one) because they omitted the Clone Commander minifig included in the official Lego version.

Back of the box shows everything that's included in the box (besides the instructions) and does so in a simple manner yet effective. Caught my eye too back when I saw it in the store as I wanted to collect a mass amount of plain Clone Troopers and this set could easily provide that.

So, four minifigures and a small walker is included in the box. Only two minifigs can occupy the walker but that's alright, minifigs on solo still look nice and it makes your army/collection look more massive!

From left to right there's the Clone Gunner and three plain Clone Troopers. By the way, these Clone Troopers are the Phase I variant, made popular in Star Wars Episode II and the first few seasons of the Star Wars Clone Wars show. 

The backs of the units look identical. Notice the Gunner's unique, gray arms. 

More on the Clone Gunner, the Gunner comes with a sniper rifle for minifig, hence the name Clone Gunner, I guess. It's not as identical to the other generic troopers as first thought to be. The arms come in gray for the Gunner and the chest is different along with more print on the helmet. The helmet also comes with more details such as the tiny lines on the side that are not present in the generic Clone Troopers' helmets. 

The faces of these Clones are identical. I think this is an older set from Lego compared to the other 3 ones that SY also copied and thus have different faces than the more modern angry Clones. (See older posts for reference) 

No back printing. Too bad if you're into that but why bother, they have sweet helmets to cover their faces anyway. 

The equipment for these minifigs are, in total: 1 sniper rifle, 2 blaster rifles, and 2 blaster pistols. Note, I don't know if these are the official names, I'm merely describing them. The sniper goes to the Gunner, then one blaster rifle each for two of the generic Clone Troopers, and finally two blaster pistols for the last remaining clone, which seem to be imitating the Clone Commander that's included in the original Lego set. 

Onto the walker. The walker is fairly simple yet in my opinion still passes as a great build. Not much articulation though, only one sided joints; four in total, one for the foot, one for the leg itself, for both legs. 

Thankfully, my model didn't have a loose cannon. A loose cannon barrel I mean, it doesn't come off easily which makes posing it fairly simple, despite the limitations in articulation. 

Design-wise, I think Lego put a decent amount of time designing this machine with the nice printed-on Republic logos on the circle parts and the additional decorative weapons and lights. Despite the nice designs, I find the color pattern of green and orange/brown weird. Maybe they wanted to add colors to the mech because of their target market being children but hey, the good part about Lego/building bricks is that you can easily replace parts to your liking. (Provided you can afford to haha!)

Can house two minifigs. Is the size proportion weird? Maybe, but it's all up to preference. For me, it's alright in this case because that's how big they really are in the Star Wars universe anyway, no need to make really big walkers that would be manned by only 1 or 2 people, right? Ehem AT-ST ehem. (But hey, there might be some practical reasons for the sizes and let's just pretend that for this one, it's all about portability, haha!)

Well, I guess we can cheat and add another guy at the back! Haha!

The instructions, almost forgot! Did well in guiding me build the set. No doubt kids will have an easy time as well! 

Sorry if I haven't been posting recently! Haven't had the time to go shopping and writing (and money) but as soon as I get the time, money, and sets, no doubt will I be posting about them! So stay tuned! 

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