DLP (Duo Le Pin) Minifig Set List Database

Updated as of 07/10/2019.

Duo Le Pin has long been talked about as a sub brand of Sheng Yuan, which means that the two companies are the same or at least very closely related. It's not hard to believe because they really do have similarities like similar molds used in their releases.

Quality wise, I have always loved DLP. I have some reviews of some DLP figs and they are amazing, both in terms of print and plastic. The only issues people might have with them are alignment issues of th designs but then that happens to almost all the other brands.

This set list comprises only of the minifig sets and not their builds.

Most pictures were taken from DHgate, Google Images, Taobao, and 1688. Most notable source is DLP themselves though, of course, haha.

Batsieblocks also has a DLP set list if you're interested, along with other set lists like SY, Lepin, Decool, etc. that I don't have!
I also recommend checking out herobloks.com if you want an alternative database. This database also contains non-bootlego minifigs!

DLP9001 - Spider-Man

DLP9002 - Iron Man

DLP9003 - Ultraman

DLP9004 - Hello Kitty

DLP9005 - Marvel Avengers

DLP9006 - Tranformers

DLP9007 - Dragon Ball

DLP9008 - Ninjago

DLP9009 -

DLP9010 - Ninjago

DLP9011 - Iron Man

DLP9012 - Batman

DLP9013 - DC Marvel

DLP9014 - DC

DLP9015 - Spider-Man

DLP9016 - World War

DLP9017 - Chima

DLP9018 - Star Wars

DLP9019 - Ninjago

DLP9020 - World War

DLP9021 - World War

DLP9022 - Deadpool

DLP9023 - Iron Man

DLP9024 - Minecraft

DLP9025 - Marvel Civil War

DLP9026 - Spider-Man

DLP9027 - Military

DLP9028 - Ninjago

DLP9029 - Captain America

DLP9030 - Marvel DC

DLP9031 - Minecraft

DLP9032 - DC

DLP9033 - Spider-Man

DLP9034 - Minecraft

DLP9035 - Marvel

DLP9036 - Military

DLP9037 - Military

DLP9038 - Military

DLP9039 - Zombies

DLP9040 - Frozen

DLP9041 - Friends

DLP9042 - Batman

DLP9043 - Ninjago

DLP9044 - Spider-Man

DLP9045 - Iron Man

DLP9046 - Batman

DLP9047 - Nexo Knights

DLP9048 - Ninjago

DLP9049 - Minecraft

DLP9050 - DC Marvel

DLP9051 - King of Glory

DLP9052 - Military

DLP9053 - King of Glory

DLP9054 - Spider-Man

DLP9055 - Transformers

DLP9056 - King of Glory

DLP9057 - TLNM

DLP9058 - Frozen

DLP9059 - Military

DLP9060 - TLNM

DLP9061 - Military

DLP9062 - Friends

DLP9063 - Batman

DLP9064 - Marvel DC

DLP9065 - Iron Man

DLP9066 - Ninjago

DLP9067 - Marvel DC Minecraft Ninjago Nexo Knights

DLP9068 - DC Justice League

DLP9069 - TLNM Ninjago

DLP9070 - TLNM Ninjago

DLP9071 - Minecraft

DLP9072 - DC x Marvel

DLP9073 -

DLP9074 - Minecraft

DLP9075 -

DLP9076 - Ninjago

DLP9077 - Marvel Avengers Infinity War

DLP9078 - Ninjago

DLP9079 - Deadpool

DLP9080 - Iron Man

DLP9081 - Batman

DLP9082 - Spider-Man x Venom

DLP9083 - Fortnite

DLP9084 - Spider-Man x Venom

DLP9085 - PUBG

DLP9086 - Marvel x DC

DLP9087 - PUBG

DLP9088 - Dragon Ball

DLP9089 - Plants vs Zombies

DLP9090 - Ninjago

DLP9091 - Ultraman

DLP9092 - Spider-Man (Into the Spider-Verse)

DLP9093 - Iron Man

DLP9094 - Avengers Endgame

DLP9095 - Avengers Endgame

DLP9096 - Avengers Endgame

DLP9097 - Spider-Man Far from Home

This is just a compilation post of all the DLP [minifig-set-only] previews I have posted and have not posted on the main blog.

I will try to update regularly, but follow us on Facebook for the most recent set previews, both DLP and not. Feel free to message us there too for corrections, additions, etc.


  1. If you want everything that is not 90xx serie, then 505 is not the only one missing : 501 to 518 (minus a few ones), 601 and 701 to 703

  2. How do you purchase please

  3. Batsie seems to have stopped updating the SY list so right now you are it as far as Good catalogues for the bootlegos brands. An SY list that builds on batsie's would be really appreciated. Also King brand according to sources is Decools new brand for cloned sets from official and decool now only does original stuff (that way decool is clean and KING is the shadow operator)


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