Saturday, January 20, 2018

XINH X0179: DC Minifigs from DCEU and CW Including Rick Flag, Prometheus, and More Preview

Something for the DC fans this time!

XINH 759 - Supergirl
XINH 660 - Prometheus
XINH 761 - Firestorm
XINH 762 - Slipknot
XINH 763 - Huntress
XINH 764 - Atom
XINH 765 - Rick Flag
XINH 766 - Emiko Queen

Supergirl came out way before in AngeloMarcus Greenhills and I already reviewed her. Only a matter of time until the store gets these ones then I'll review them too!
There's also a similar Firestorm that was released some time ago too. 
XINH also had an Atom (XINH 291) release before, but I'm not sure if it was released when XINH still had bad quality.
Also, rejoice DCEU fans, your most awaited Rick Flag is finally here!

Thanks to Dwayne for the heads up!

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Friday, January 19, 2018

WM WM443, WM445: Freddie Mercury of Queen and Michael Jackson (Thriller) Minifigs Review

Two legendary musicians turned minifigs.

WM443 - Freddie Mercury (Queen)
WM445 - Michael Jackson (Thriller Musiv Video)

The two are actually great, in terms of quality. The printing and the plastic are good. Design wise, it might be a different thing. For one, we don't get a zombie face for MJ, which is a shame. I also don't like what they did with the hair being printed. Maybe using a Superman hairpiece was better? Still, at least they tried. 

Oh and of course, they both have mics.

Freddie gets some printings on the side legs.

A view of the back.

No alternate faces for both of them.

Overall, it's a job well done for WM! I hope WM keeps this up!

I'm also surprised how quick AngeloMarcus Greenhills got these in stock since these were previewed much later than the other minifigs I've been reviewing/will be reviewing. Maybe WM just releases previews late too..

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Bao Wan Le 8006: Duel Machine Horned Purple Mech Preview

Thanks to Oederland for the heads up!

Gotta admit, the design looks good. Hopefully the build is also stable.

Also, never seen this brand before. Maybe it's a China-only brand?

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POGO PG388, PG391: Banshee and Condiment King Minifigs Review

From this bigger set.
I already reviewed most of the others, just search the blog with their codes!

PG388 - Banshee
PG391 - Condiment King

Let's look at Banshee without the wings/cape first. Print quality for them is alright. Condiment King's underwear is a bit faded, I think they needed "stronger" white colors on the blue as you can see in the picture. I still say both are acceptable, but it's not as good as XINH or SY quality still.

Condiment King gets fake dual molded legs, while Banshee doesn't.. I don't understand why they couldn't do the same for Banshee, even if it's just the fake dual molding, it still would've looked better. Maybe the source design didn't have side and back leg prints too?

Yup, even the back of Banshee doesn't have print. Condiment King doesn't have back printing, but maybe it's because he was designed to have a condiment gun backpack. The POGO fig didn't come with one though, unfortunately..

They both have alternate faces though. Banshee really needed that shouting face and I'm glad POGO delivered.

With the cape on. Unfortunately, you have to remove the hand before you can attach the cape to the wrists, unlike WM Storm's for example (which I prefer). This wouldn't suck if POGO had better plastic quality. It was literally painful trying to remove the hands from the arm..

Oh, the front side of the cape isn't printed, but the black is dark enough to be seen from the front too.

The normal face.

Overall, two good figs. Not great, not bad. It's a shame that Condiment King doesn't have his weapons. It's bad enough he relies on condiments for his evil doings, but now he doesn't even have those. Banshee is great, but I only wish he had better legs.

Still two worth getting minifigs. Maybe you guys can build your own condiment backpacks too.

Anyway, a lot more reviews from my AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul a few days ago coming soon so stay tuned!

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