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downtheblocks is run privately by a lone college student who has interest in both official TLG and unofficial brick sets and figures. 

I have no intention of disrepecting Lego property; I am only here to provide sneak peeks and information on bootleg products because of their interesting characteristics. Please do not stop supporting Lego products, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the new and unique designs bootleg makers also provide! 

downtheblocks is stationed in the Philippines and we do not buy our minifigs from AliExpress or other online stores but from local sellers, with most of them being from AngeloMarcus at Shoppesville Plus in Greenhills, San Juan.

We are not affiliated with any online stores or sellers. All content in the blog with references to any online stores/sellers are purely for sharing and not for advertising or promoting the seller. Buy at your own risk! We recommend waiting a bit for any new products for more stores/sellers to have them for sale; we also recommend that you inquire through blog comments, Facebook, or even /r/bootlego or /r/lepin. There's a big community willing to help, just make yourself be heard.

[We are open to partnerships or sponsorships though, if the opportunity presents itself, but only if most of the benefit goes towards my audience or the consumers.]

Check out our FlickR page for our MOCs and shoots!

Support in the forms of views, comments, shares, and even donations are very welcome!

Feel free to contact us here

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