Friday, November 11, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Civil War Airport Battle Set | SY583

Say hello to the Civil War Airport set from Sheng Yuan! 

The set comes with this airport tower. 

It's got some nice details that make it look like an authentic airport tower while still making it have that Lego theme. 

These barriers are also a nice addition although you don't really see that in the movie. Or do we? 

These boxes have a play gimmick that I'll get to in a bit. 

The airport tower is actually open at the back. Some would prefer this design, others wouldn't. What's great about these kinds of builds though are that you can easily place and pose minifigs inside and actually see them easier. 

This is what's inside the first floor. A bench, wrench, and fire extinguisher. 

The hole under the bench is a hole where the Ant-Man microfig can fit in. When you put him inside, the boxes shown before get pushed out. Yes, that's the play gimmick. 

The side of the first floor comes with this door.

For the second floor, this is either a mini cafe for the tower or a control panel. Or both, if that's even a thing.. 

Though this is the real control area of the tower, the top floor. The chair spins and the view actually looks good. If I had photography skills, I would've taken some nicer shots with that as a background.

The set also comes with these bag vehicles you often see in airports. It can fit one minifig driver.

Attached to the first cab is another that contains the bags. 

The play gimmick here is that if you push the back part downwards, the bags get catapulted away. 

This is the Captain America minifig that comes with the set. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like his skin [on his face] seemed a bit whiter than before. Despite that, this is still a great minifig from SY! 

He's got back print on his helmet too! 

I personally like this Winter Soldier minifig. The metal arm + great looking torso makes for a great minifig. I just hoped he came with a better gun.

He's got an alternate angry face too! 

Great metal arm. 

Sharon Carter, aka Agent 13. In the movie he's not in the airport scene, maybe they changed the script after they sent the plans to Lego. I don't really like this minifig but that's more of the movie's fault. She seems like a generic girl with a gun minifig and I would've preferred the classic white suit Agent 13 from the comics.

Her alternate face shows a neutral emotion face. Other than personal preference, this minifig is great in terms of quality.

Ah, one of the best minifigs in the set. A more black than grey War Machine is a great War Machine. Yes, classic War Machine had more grey than black but this one just came out too good!

Here is Col. Rhodes' face. Angry face too.. 

And here is his alternate, smiling face. Also, not the baton. I would've preferred a more customized baton like in the movie but hey, at least it's still there. The stud shooter gun as a backpack is also a great design. 

Here comes Iron Man. Pretty basic I guess, I mean, he's what you'd expect from an Iron Man minifig. No complaints, I think Lego copied the movie's Iron Man pretty well. 

I decided to make the angry face his main face because yes, he's angry in Civil War because his friends can't even sit down and talk..

Tony comes with this alternate face. 

Okay, the good part. Ant-Man microfig! Amazing! Print looks great and he feels great too! It's also such a smart idea by Lego to do this.

He has no back print though but with the amount of details in front, I don't mind. 

Another part of the set is the Avengers quinjet that Cap and Bucky plan to steal. 

The wings fold as seen in the picture. They seem like small wings but they actually look great as a whole with the jet. 

We've got movable flaps, a welcome feature for more posing. 

These small fins can also move. 

Turn this gear around and a turret from below comes out! 

The turret actually has two stud shooters and you really can shoot them. Great design that we don't see in the movie but is still a welcome addition. 

Unfortunately, I don't think even a single minifig can fit at the back properly. The cargo room for the jet, I think, is simply an aesthetics thing.. 

Here is the Avengers quinjet from the Age of Ultron toyline. I believe that in the movies, they're the same jet. Obviously, the AOU jet is better, but a smaller quinjet also has its pros like being compact and easier to play with for kids.

Baby quinjet on daddy quinjet. A size comparison. 

Two people can fit inside the quinjet from the set as long as they sit in a certain way like above. Also, big head pieces may be a hindrance as well. 

I hate that when I applied the stickers I couldn't avoid the air bubbles, hence the look above.. 

The Giant-Man "buildfig" included in this set was reviewed a while back over here


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  1. Hello! I've been visiting your blog for some time. I must say that your reviews on these 'bootleg' Lego are really good :D Commenting on your review of SY583 Super Hero Airport Battle: Does this set comes with Sheng Yuan's version of the big figure Iron Man Hulkbuster? And how much you got this set for?

    1. Oh thank you! And right, so that's why it felt like I was missing something/posted the Kingpin review too early. Yes it came with the Hulkbuster, I'll be posting about him soon :) I got the set for around PHP 1,200 or USD 24.348 [based on Google as of now, Dollar and Philippine Peso exchange rates are very unstable these days] (And I buy from local stores and not online)

    2. I hope to see Hulkbuster soon guy ^^

  2. What a great set ^^. How much is it cost ?

    1. I got it for around USD25 in my local store. It's a bit pricier in AliExpress usually but you can check by going to AliExpress and searching "SY583" :D