Sunday, November 20, 2016

Taj Mahal is Lepin's Set No. 17001

Lego's Taj Mahal has been cloned by Lepin, unsurprisingly. 

This is Lepin 17001, and it's a copy of Lego's own Taj Mahal set. 

If I remember correctly, this is one of the largest Lego sets ever released, in terms of number of pieces at least, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong below! 

With Lego's own Taj Mahal having 5922 pieces, I'm sure Lepin will have almost the same with only a few parts changed as they usually do with their own releases. They switch out small portions of the build that don't really change the Lego design. 

This is Lego's version, the original version. 

Will I be picking this set up? I don't know, most likely not. I'm fairly sure this will be an expensive set even for Lepin standards, as it has more parts than the Ghostbusters HQ and I already spent a fortune on that especially since I am only a student. Still, I can easily say that this is an interesting set and I'd love to see this in real life soon. 

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  1. Oh so they are copying architect series. Nice models, but I'm not a fan.
    Yet a good gift idea even for adults (for those who are not into superheroes stuff ofc lol)

    1. Only thing scary is if Lepin still has missing parts problems..