Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chrome Vision from POGO

Spotted an interesting chrome minifig, Vision. 

I'm not really a fan of chrome minifigs, but it kinda suits Vision, just a bit. I would've preferred a transparent Vision though; that suits Vision better because of his powers. 

My main wish still, when it comes to Vision, is the classic Vision minifig, make him come with the classic cape like Dr. Strange's except in color yellow and of course the classic design. 

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  1. Dargo did a crystal Vision (854). I hope one of the companies gets round to making a comic Vision and Scarlet Witch sometime soon.

    1. But Dargo isn't known for its quality right? I mean I saw their Iron Fist (because they're the only bootlegger with an Iron Fist so far) and it sucks.. I don't trust Dargo yet, maybe next time or at least when I get my hands on their new minifigs with the Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange and etc.

    2. I actually own the Dargo Vision fig and it's quite good.
      If you get lucky and you're just displaying, it's worth getting it IMHO.