Monday, November 7, 2016

Sheng Yuan's Back at Releasing Old Minifigs in New Vehicles

Another "recycled" set from Sheng Yuan. 

This new set of four contains Falcon, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Vision. 

Sheng Yuan's Falcon still sports the ball joint wings, which again I think is a good feature for a minifig like him. So this set is a pretty good way of getting this minifig. (Though I would recommend the Lego copy of the Civil War Crossbones jeep set more.)

Sheng Yuan's Ant-Man looks like he still doesn't have his clear red visor. Sheng Yuan's the best bootlegger for me out there in terms of quality so it's very weird that Sheng Yuan chose not to apply the red visor. 

Vision seems to be his usual. Though I'm aware that there are two types of Vision released by Sheng Yuan. A single-sale/from-a-set-of-8 Vision minifig and a Vision from the Quinjet AOU Set. I am not sure which of those Visions this new Vision is. 

Not sure on which Spider-Man this is but he looks alright. Nothing wow, but nothing ew! 

Oh right, the vehicles. Well they seem to fit in with the characters even though some of them may not need them. They also combine into bigger vehicles. That's all I can say about these! Haha! 

I hope Sheng Yuan goes back to making sets like the one above. New or more unique character designs. Even if the buildables are crap that come with them, at least the minifig itself is a new addition to anyone's collection. I really find it hard to believe why Sheng Yuan isn't doing that since they clearly have the resources to do that. Maybe legal issues? 

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