Friday, November 4, 2016

Spider-Man Bridge Battle from Lepin Spotted

Really happy that this set is coming out. Would've hoped that Sheng Yuan released it instead though because of Sheng Yuan's superior minifigs. I already have most of those minifigs though from POGO and I'm very happy with the quality of those. In fact, I think this set is the best set I have from POGO in terms of quality. Only one I don't have is Aunt May, I don't really want her but I also don't really not want her. Haha! Also glad that we'll finally have a Green Goblin glider because the MOC glider on my XINH Green Goblin isn't great, I guess I'm just not creative enough.. 

If this is coming out then I hope the Ghost Rider set with Hobgoblin also comes out. Still wishing that SY releases them, which is why I'll be waiting for SY before picking these up to get some hopefully exclusive bigfigs that SY will attach to the sets! 

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