Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Marvel and DC Minifigs from Duo Le Pin

Duo Le Pin releases new minifigs! New minifig print designs to be exact! Yay! 

From what I can see, we have ANAD Captain America, Superman/Superboy in white costume, X-Men Deadpool, and Spider-Mech. 

Actually not sure about the Deadpool costume, it might not be the X-Men costume (because that's more blue than yellow) but maybe something else. It may be his alternate costume from Marvel vs Capcom game.

EDIT: Deadpool here is Deadpool from Earth-5700! Thanks to Eurobricks user adalric for the heads up! 

Really loving this Spider-Mech guy. Funny thing though is that, the spider that comes with him is the same spider from the first DLP Spider-Man set.. 

Also Spider-Mech is different from Cyborg Spider-Man as seen from above. 

Really excited about this set. SY and DLP are one from what I've heard and knowing SY's great quality and also DLP's great quality (I have the first Spider-Man set from them), I am very pleased. Since SY isn't really releasing new designs recently, I hope they at least make new ones through DLP.

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  1. DLP is obsessed with motorcycles and cars. Not the first set in a row with them. Can't complain though as they are not more expensive than others.

    Btw dat giant spider looks scary.

    1. The giant spider is fun! Legs are fun to articulate, and there's 8 of those legs! Haha. The weird thing is they released that in the first Spider-Man set [that I actually picked up here] Didn't think of sharing them here because they're already old but maybe I'll include them in my sharing when I also get the new DLP Spider-Man set!!

  2. Except for the big spider (which I already have) I do not feel interested the other vehicles. Hopefully the mech spider will be available separately too

    1. Yes, sadly for SY/DLP, we always need to shell out more money to get minifigs/bigfigs we want because they're always bundled with more stuff that most of us don't even want.. I'd say it's a bit of good marketing and bad at the same time.. haha