Sunday, November 20, 2016

Roaring Power Lego Creator Cloned by Decool

Decool clones a Lego Creator set, Lego's Roaring Power.

This set features a 3-in-1 design. The dinosaur could also be built as a car or as a plane. A really interesting toy especially for kids. 

Here is Lego's original box art. It's worth noting that Decool used "Architect" instead of "Creator" and I think this is a smart move legally. It's obvious that Decool copied Lego but that small name change could be worth using as defense haha. 

What made me post about this one, because I don't normally post about non-Marvel/non-Star Wars things, is that the red dinosaur in this build can work very well as Devil Dinosaur. 

Devil Dinosaur is a character from the Marvel universe. He's a red dinosaur and he is considered a superhero. Yes, I'm a Marvel fan and I'm a big enough Marvel fan to pick this Decool set up and use him as a Devil Dinosaur. Even the yellow eyes of the Decool/Lego set fit the Devil Dinosaur look perfectly, except Roaring Power looks more robotic than organice.. 

The only thing stopping me from picking this Decool set up is this design. It is my preferred Devil Dinosaur design, and it was first seen in a Lego Marvel game. Bootleggers could easily make this design by simply repainting Jurassic World dinosaurs or let's call them dinofigs since they're not buildables or bigfigs anyway. 

What would you use as your Devil Dinosaur? Or what other non-related sets do you use for your preferred themes? Share them below! And don't forget to like us on Facebook


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