Friday, November 11, 2016

POGO Has Their Own Big Bang Theory Minifigs

I spotted a Big Bang Theory minifigs set from POGO. 

I don't really watch Big Bang Theory, except for a few episodes then and there, but I am familiar with the characters and thus the official Lego set containing the cast. 

Following XINH's release, POGO releases their own version of the Big Bang Theory cast. 

This one is XINH's set.They have bits of differences, but ultimately I think they're the same and are simply copied off of Lego's design. Except for that extra Sheldon minifigure. 

This one is the official Lego minifig set that comes with a buildable Big Bang Theory room set. 

I honestly think it's worth someone's time to pick up POGO or XINH's Big Bang Theory minifigs, even if you're not a fan. The designs fit civilian characters and would be great additions to dioramas or scenarios. But if you're a fan, then pick them up of course! 

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  1. I think Amy and Howard are the most interesting because of unusual hair models. Might pick em for spare parts.

    1. It's also my first time seeing Raj's binoculars [in XINH picture] but that's just me, I haven't seen everything.. Haha

    2. Btw I totally forgot to mention that Leonard's arms can be used for your Stan Lee minifigure.

    3. Oh man, you're right. Now I HAVE to get it!!! Thanks for the heads up hehe

  2. I get the Pogo set and I'm quite disapointed: all heads are glued to the torso. One hair piece is missing and one arm is not pierced (so the minifig cannot have a hand)