Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Picked up new items from Sheng Yuan, XINH, Decool, and Duo Le Pin!

Hi everyone, was able to pick up some new things! 

To summarize: DLP's first Spider-Man set of 8 minifigs, SY's Civil War jeep set, She-Hulk minifig  from XINH, and Decool's bigfig Rhino

Class pic!! 

One of my favorites, Falcon! 

If you look closer, Falcon's wings actually have ball joints as opposed to original Lego's one-piece wing backpack. I honestly think this is an upgrade, the only con being that it looks a bit bulkier, but posing wise and compactness, this one's the better model! (He also comes with Redwing!)

Also from the same set as Falcon is bigfig Groot. This Groot is based on the Lego game's Groot. He comes 'free' from SY's Civil War jeep set! 

Just as an FYI, my next reviews will should be the Civil War Airport set from SY and the Avenjet from SY, along with their 'free' bigfigs Hulkbuster and Kingpin respectively. 

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  1. hi...what do you think about DLP's spider-man set of 8, is it good or not?

    1. I think it's great! And, apparently Sheng Yuan owns DLP, and SY produces pretty great minifigs, the best of the bootleggers in my opinion. The worst possible thing is the alignment of the print but there weren't any bad alignments with my Spider-Man set.