Monday, November 7, 2016

More Deadpool Minifigs from XINH

Is this a new XINH Deadpool set or have I just never seen this before? 

I guess they look alright but we already have lots of Deadpools from other brands. I guess this is a welcome addition to any Deadpool fan, and they do have some new designs, but basically still the same. I still prefer Sheng Yuan's Deadpool Set and it's fairly simple to remove the ugly alternate faces on them too anyway. 

I would have preferred if bootleggers created never used characters before. Like what Duo Le Pin is doing with Spider-Man. Those new Spider-Verse characters look absolutely great and I can't wait to have the newer set already after seeing how great the first set from DLP was. 

If more bootleggers really like Deadpool, then maybe they should check out the Deadpool Corps. Sure, SY started with a Lady Deadpool already, but there are more! Heck I'd buy a Headpool (a zombie Deadpool head, yes just the head). 

This is the [Evil] Deadpool Corps and I'd love to see those guys as minifigs and bigfigs. Venompool!? Nice. I want these so bad. POGO? XINH? SY? DLP? Anyone? 


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