Saturday, January 21, 2017

Iron Patriot Hulkbuster by Sembo Block

Surprised that SY used Sembo Block as the "brand" instead of Sheng Yuan themselves.. 

Here's the 6th Hulkbuster from Sheng Yuan.. Not counting the bigfig from the Civil War airport set. From what I remember, the past ones were the: AoU Lego bootleg Hulkbuster, the other Red+Yellow one, the green one, the blue Igor one, and the grey Mark I, in no particular order. 

Why does this set have a Captain America shield? Why does Rhodes have hair? Well, most of these questions will be answered by: "It's a bootleg." Haha 

Still, it's quite an interesting set and way better than generic Iron Man Hulkbusters in different colors. Would've preferred other characters though but oh well. Another interesting thing is Sheng Yuan used Sembo Block, they're the same company and it makes me wonder even more how SY bases their products + brand relationship.. A good thing is that Sembo Block, or Sheng Yuan, or Duo Le Pin, they all have more or less good quality! 

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