Monday, January 9, 2017

Detailed Set Pictures of Lepin's Bathero Arkham Asylum Based on Upcoming Lego Batman Movie

One of the most interesting sets from the upcoming Lepin Bathero line! 

Lepin No. 07055 Bathero Arkham Asylum

The building doesn't fully close; this is very different from Marvel's Avengers Tower and Ghostbusters' HQ as those open and close for a more "solid" build. I guess this one has more emphasis on being a playset for kids rather than a collectible, but I'm pretty sure lots of you out there will still want this added to your collections! 

Again, here are the play gimmicks. The thing about these minifigs is that they all have the same torsos and legs. I get that it's in theme with the set but we should have extra torsos for their actual villain looks. Oh well, I guess it's Lego's/Lepin's way of telling us to buy the other sets as well. 

Threre's even a cop car included! Those weights look great too, first time I've seen them honestly. 

My biggest concern about this set would be the minifig quality. Lepin isn't known for the minifig quality and with 12 included in the set, I don't if that's a good sign for any future owners. Still though, the minifigs are fairly simple so I'm willing to bet that Lepin will be able to give decent to great quality minifigs. As backup, we'll still have POGO and XINH anyway as early minifig suppliers. 

Personally, as a Marvel collector instead of DC, the only reason for me picking this up is for making it into the X-Mansion. Just sharing! Haha. 

What do you guys think? Will you stand by Lepin's early release? Or wait for others like Sheng Yuan to release their versions, assuming they do release them in the first place? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook

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