Tuesday, January 10, 2017

UCS Darth Vader's Tie Advanced from Lepin Star Plan

Lepin releases another UCS clone, this time from Darth Vader himself! 

If you're asking why there's no minifig included, it's because it's a clone of the UCS Lego series. Basically, it's their line of sets that aren't meant for kids/playing but really more for collectors. Hence the name UCS or Ultimate Collectors' Series. 

This one's a copy of Lego's 10175 Vader's Tie Advanced to be exact. 

Do you like UCS sets? Or do you prefer the traditional ones with the minifigs included? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook


  1. I like the regular sets. That being said the regular imperial shuttle looks like shit

    1. I'd also prefer the regular ones mainly because of the minifigs and their compatibility.. But the UCS details are just soooo good

  2. Yes the details make them tempting. The At-St vs the regular and of course slave 1. I still want it when the price drops or they fix the crazy red bricks.