Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Marvel XINH Minifigs featuring Dr. Strange Characters

Pictures of these have been out for a while now, and I don't know why I didn't post about them.. 

Dr. Strange from the movie, Beast from X-Men, Black Bolt from Inhumans, Clea, Baron Mordo from the movie, Dr. Strange, The Ancient One from the movie, Mr. Fantastic.

I don't know why Beast, Black Bolt, and Mr. Fantastic are there, and usually I'd still enjoy the presence of random minifigs but those three have been released by Sheng Yuan already before. And honestly, I don't like XINH's design of Beast and Black Bolt

XINH Beast vs SY Beast

XINH Black Bolt vs SY Beast

Though generally maybe I'll still pick these up. What's scaring me is that the movie Dr. Strange characaters come from a set from Lego and I bet SY, Lepin, and Decool, and maybe others will replicate the same set and I'd hate spending money on duplicates. Also, kinda hoping that if SY does release the movie set, then maybe a new bigfig mold will be included! 

If you've got live images of these, please feel free to show me and I'll update the page with your credits! To all my readers and followers, thank you for all your support! You can reach me through the comments section below or through our Facebook page!



  1. In the Marvel Comic book Universe Beast, Reed Richards, Black Bolt and Dr. Strange at one time each possessed an Infinity Stone along with many of others. Including Black Panther, Ironman, Capt. America, Namor, Prof. Xavier and The Collector just to name a few.
    So they put a few together in this collection. I bought it mostly for the Black Bolt, but getting the Movie version and the comic book version of Dr. Strange is pretty cool.

    1. Ohhh that's an interesting insight. Hmm, that must mean XINH knows a thing or two about comics if they were able to group together three Infinity Stone holders..