Monday, October 31, 2016

DC and Marvel Minifigs from Dargo

Dargo releases new minifigs from the DC and Marvel universes! 

I am not familiar with Dargo's quality but I do hope these ones have nice quality because they've been released by other brands already, or at least most of them. 

The characters in the pictures are: 
Superman and Killer Moth, 
Blue Beetle and Spider-Man 2099 (white),
Scuba Batman and Scarecrow,
Katana and Captain Boomerang, 
White Tiger and Dr. Strange,
Hobgoblin and Ghost Rider. 

Actually, the Ghost Rider here hasn't been released by bootleggers yet. This Ghost Rider looks like the one from official Lego's, while the one released by SY before was a MOC Ghost Rider that I personally liked. Let's see if I'll also like this one. 

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  1. Oh great, especially interested in Bats and Scarecrow. Also very curious about quality, I hope they improved it.

  2. Dargo improved recently, I plan to pick up this set during the Aliexpress 11/11 day :)

  3. If you can and if you want, please do share over here or even at just so others know Dargo better! :)