Tuesday, October 11, 2016

XINH | Moon Knight Minifigure

I am not sure if this minifig is actually XINH or POGO. What makes me think this is XINH instead of POGO is that the XINH Moon Knight came out before the POGO one. Another is the material of the cape. My POGO minifigs such as Dr. Strange, Sentry, etc. don't have suede type of fabric on their capes compared to this one and my other XINH figures that have. (For comparison: Sheng Yuan capes also have this suede style fabric on their capes) POGO capes use a different type of fabric, if it is fabric; I don't know what this material is but it's not too bad in my opinion anyway.

XINH and POGO released 'identical' Moon Knight minifigures. If they truly are identical, I'll try to find out. I like Moon Knight's looks enough to get me to purchase another from a different brand. Really just hoping that this one in my post is really actually XINH and not POGO. If any of you viewers know where it really is from, then please comment here or contact me through my Facebook page.

Generally, it looks great as a minifig, even if you're not a Moon Knight fan I think you would still be interested in picking up this minifig.

He doesn't come with any other accessories other than the cape and the hood.

His cape's inside part comes in a suede-style fabric. It's really soft and I actually love holding it but I don't know what advantages it gives minifigs compared to normal fabric or other types of fabric. I have no complaints though. It works anyway.

Remove the hood and you see his black head with blue eyes and ... white shapes as eyebrows..? I honestly don't know what those things are above his eyes, maybe they're something from the comics? I don't know. At first it looks kinda weird, but it grows on you. Maybe without it he'd look weird. If not, then maybe you can try to erase them with nail polish remover. [Watch out for a future post where I'll be showing how I removed the back faces of my SY Deadpool minifigs.]

His head doesn't come with back print. Maybe they should have included a head print with just the eyes? Or maybe even a white face though admittedly that might be more complicated.
The fabric of his cape is seen here as well. Perhaps most of you would be familiar with this type of fabric. I'm no expert and my camera isn't the best so currently that's the best shot of the cape I can give you guys.

Again, I am not 100% sure whether this minifig is of XINH's or POGO's. Who knows maybe it's not even both though I guess it's unlikely. I just took a picture of the legs unattached to the torso, I know some of you are interested in that since you want to know the compatibility with other minifigs for MOC creations etc. 

Since he didn't come with weapons, especially the moon-shaped boomerangs ( :( ) I decided to create him his own staff. I didn't have white lego sticks so I used two black sticks attached to a lightsaber hilt. Maybe next time I'll change it depending on the parts I get. 

This Moon Knight loves to lift. He's so muscular. I don't know if that's good or bad. Maybe some would prefer it, but to me it looks a bit weird, but not weird enough for me to dislike it. Also, observe the feet/bottom part of legs. the muscles don't continue anymore, but maybe continuing it will make it look worse. 

They really should've just used the Lego Marvel game Moon Knight, but another variant like this doesn't ruin anything anyway, the more the merrier! 


They probably based the minifigure from this costume variant from the comic books.


I would've preferred that variant of the Moon Knight minifig from the Lego Marvel games. Good looking all-white look. + that Moon boomerang blade thing looks great, chrome or not. Also, less 'muscles' on this one.


This newer Moon Knight costume looks way better. Would love to see a minifig of that. Give it a staff and a moon boomerang. Also the moon-shaped cape.

Maybe next time Sheng Yuan can release that variant of a Moon Knight minifig. Or maybe even POGO and XINH again. Or Decool, JX Elephant, or Duo Le Pin even. But truth be told I should be hoping a third party Lego customize shop makes one because that's where the bootleggers get their designs for the most part anyway.

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  1. Hey, welcome back.
    Photos from Ali
    XINH https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1QMraKXXXXXX7XVXXq6xXFXXX1/XINH-283-Marvel-Super-Heroes-Moon-Knight-Minifigures-Building-Blocks-Single-Sale-Mini-Action-Figures-Blocks.jpg
    Pogo https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB17O1YKXXXXXbJaXXXq6xXFXXXR/PG048-Moon-Knight-DC-Marvel-Super-Hero-Avengers-Minifigures-Collection-Kids-Gift-Building-Blocks-Children-Gift.jpg
    Pogo has grey lines besides black ones on torso and Pogo's moon emblem is bigger. So you have Xinh.

    1. Hey thanks! :) Thanks for the info as well! I think I prefer the POGO one but only for really small differences. Didn't even notice until you showed me better pictures. Thanks a bunch!! I'll share in the site the POGO minifig if I manage to get my hands on one.