Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Star Wars' Protocol [3PO] Droids Minifigs from POGO

Apparently that red 3PO minifig popping up in forums and discussions came from POGO. 

Or POGO decided to make their own version of that 3PO and that one popping up online came from some other company.

Reddit user wlausrsker provided the following names!
  • PG637: golden variation of C-3PO circa 2012 (not done by TLG)
  • PG638: TC-14 circa 2012
  • PG653: C-3PO circa 2016
  • PG657: TC-4 circa 2014
  • PG658: Imperial Protocol Droid circa 2008
  • PG659: C-3PO circa 2014
  • PG660: TC-14 circa 2012
  • PG661: R-3PO circa 2011
Thanks Reddit!

First two look chrome as well. Would've been interesting to see Episode I C-3PO though. 

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  1. Seen those chrome ones at Ali, they cost at least twice more than usual minifigures.

    1. Yeah, even in my local stores, shiny minifigs cost twice as much or a little over twice. I'd pick one up when I think they're good for the character. Right now I just don't feel like shelling out extra cash for a minifig that I won't even want as shiny and risk it "rusting" (I don't know the term for when chrome starts getting molds and stuff)