Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Chrome Deadpool Minifig from Pogo?

Spotted this Deadpool minifig. Is it actually chrome? 

Never seen this design before. Love the pistol included, better than the more generic one. I don't know if I'll pick it up. If it is chrome, then it'll mean more expensive and I think I have enough Deadpool minifigs already, but we'll see. If it looks great in person, then maybe I'll pick one up. 

Is it really chrome? Tell me below or in Facebook!



  1. Might be shiny as well. As they already have shiny 3PO and shiny Iron Man.

    1. Lots of shiny ones out there recently. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, 3POs, now this. Not a big fan of shiny but I'd choose this over those older transparent minifigs.

    2. I guess Pogo have discovered chroming technology lol. So maybe they'll issue metallic Batman or something else.

    3. Yeah maybe. I just really hope they use the chrome designs for designs that make sense and not just apply them to random minifigs.

  2. Chrome batman is out aswel.
    search chrom batman at ali. No E in chrome.
    Think its at tt toys.