Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Sembo Block Apple Store Building Set

I don't really post about themes like these, but this one was quite interesting. Yes, it's supposed to be an Apple store. 

This is the inside of an Apple Store somewhere. It's sort of like a flagship Apple store I guess. It's a glass building thing on top then underground there's a store. NOTE; I am no Apple fan to be honest, I don't even like Apple.. at all. 

For background, Sembo Block is owned by Sheng Yuan or if not, is a sister company. I am not entirely sure but it's what I've read in comments and forum posts, along with Duo Le Pin being Sheng Yuan too. I'm happy with this because Sheng Yuan quality is great. 

This Apple store knockoff looks great in my opinion and is open to lots of customization. I am not sure though if it can work with modular Lego or Lepin sets; honestly I think it wouldn't because this one has no walls. 

If I had the chance, I'd get this and turn it into some sort of superhero headquarters. Hehe. 

If you've got any info regarding the set, feel free to comment below or message us here!

After a bit of searching, I found a user who posted on Flickr the same set, or at least a very very similar set on his page. He's also got other MOC designs. I'm gonna assume Sembo got their design from him. Click here to check the Apple Store pictures provided to us by H.Y. Leung. Please do inform me though if someone else made this design or if not and Sembo really made an original design or altered a different design to create their own! Contact us through Facebook or below! 



  1. Is this MOC by someone or by Sembo originally?

  2. In the end we'll know that SY stands begind all bootleg brands in China.

    1. HAHA! Probably! But if they did own everything, I hope they disown Lele and the other crap brands! HAHA Like QS08, I'll post about them soon, my internet is just ugh at the moment zzz.