Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New POGO Star Wars Rogue One Stormtrooper Minifigs

The new Star Wars movie has new Lego sets to be released soon. Though I am not sure if these minifigs are part of them. But wow, they look amazing.

I think I'll be picking these up even though I focus on Marvel.These minifigs are included in the new Lego official sets!

 The Imperial Hovertank Pilot appears in the 75127-1 Imperial Assault Hovertank set from Lego. 

The Death Trooper appears in 75156-1 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle set from Lego. I can't zoom in clearly so I can't tell if Lego changed the word 'death' because this is a kid's toy so I doubt Lego would want kids encountering the word 'death' in their toys. 
The Imperial Shoretrooper appears in 75154-1 TIE Striker set from Lego. 

Really excited to see both Lego's and POGO's minifigs and if they have differences, as well as the characters themselves in the upcoming movie! 

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