Monday, October 17, 2016

POGO | Quicklook at (6 of 8) X-Men Minifigs

DownTheBlocks here to give you a quick look on the new POGO X-Men set. However, I wasn't able to pick up the white Magneto and Apocalypse. Maybe next time! 

Archangel that comes with buildable backpack wings. Would've preferred chrome but oh well. 

Classic Angel, looking good! 

The best Wolverine minifig I have ever seen in my opinion. Minus some technical issues to be explain later on in solo reviews of the minifigs. 

Daken or Wolverine's son who is apparently a villain. I think he really should only have 2 blades on his hand each and not three like Wolverine but I'm not too familiar with him to say anything really. 

Storm from X-Men Age of Apocalype movie. I think. She also comes with a black cape and a white mohawk piece but I wasn't able to attach them. Her head seems to have issues, I'll specify better in her upcoming solo review. 

I was also able to pick up other minifigs that I missed before. Yes, only Marvel. I was also able to get my hands on a Darth Malgus minifig, to those interested, show your interest and I'll show my thoughts about him. Try Facebook

For other requests, suggestions, questions, and maybe even complaints, feel free to comment below or message me on Facebook

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