Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lepin Outs New Train Set Based on Lego's Emerald Night

Lepin's Nemerald Night (Emerald Night) has been spotted on AliExpress recently.




Lego actually released an actual Emerald Night set and so this isn't some MOC from a third party that Lepin copied. The train looks great in picture and also comes with three minifigs. Not sure though if it'll come with tracks. 

I have also spotted several other train sets in AliExpress recently from brands that I do not know. As much as it would be tempting to check those sets out, with Lepin at least you're safe when it comes to quality. Lepin really has great brick quality and is a big plus compared to other brands, though on the minifig department they could do better. 

It's not really my thing to post about non-Lego Marvel stuff but this seemed interesting enough so I might as well share it. Maybe to some they can even recreate the Ant-Man vs Yellojacket scene through this set, just add in blue colors and Thomas the Tank Engine's face! 

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[I am in no way sponsored or anything like that by the AliExpress sites I've listed as sources. I wish. Haha.] 


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