Thursday, October 13, 2016

POGO | Professor X Minifigure [With Wheelchair Instructions]

    POGO's take on Marvel's X-Men's Professor Charles Xavier!

The minifig is very simple, though the wheelchair makes him one of the most unique of POGO's minifigs, or even superhero minifigs in general. The wheelchair is assembled and it didn't even come with instructions; in my case at least I purchased him in a plastic bag where only his parts are included, no papers whatsoever.

He also came with a separate head. Thank you so much, POGO for making two separate heads instead of one with two faces. Knowing the Professor X minifig doesn't come equipped with a helmet or hair to cover the back part of the head, it's only logical to NOT have a back face.

He's got a back print for his suit, and no print for the pants. No complaints. 

Great secondary head as well, perfect for scenarios where you want Professor X in action, using his powers! 

I'll be trying to provide instructions on how to build the wheelchair he came with. If there are any more concerns about it or even suggestions, feel free to comment below or message  me through my Facebook page! 

Start of with the wheels and those parts. Sorry, I don't know what they are called. By the way, the wheels DO NOT move and are only for show. 

Now connect these two parts then set them aside for now. 

Follow the pictures as shown above. 

The stud-less 2x1 flat piece goes on top of the other. 

Now you are left with 4 "parts" 

Place "part 2" below the wheels, and combine "part 3" and "part 4" 

Then combine the last pieces to create the wheelchair pictured above! 

Wolverine [SY] pushing Professor X. Good luck, Logan, those wheels don't move! 

How to use the secondary head. Again, it's a great head. Differentiates Professor X from any other suited minifig on a wheelchair. You can see that the facial expression isn't simply a closed eyes face but really a thinking/telepathic one. Good job, POGO!

Sometimes though it's not easy to balance Professor X and wheelchair onto place. You also can't stick him to flat lego pieces because the wheels are in the way. It's not that much of a big deal though because simple articulation can easily balance him. 

The worst part about the minifig was that the wheelchair parts were loose. Easily detached from each other as shown above. Balancing him to prevent him from falling becomes more difficult when the wheelchair collapses. Maybe I got a set of "defective" parts and others will be luckier, but it's really just a minor convenience for someone who simply displays them compared to people who will actually play with these minifigs.

The choice of POGO to use this variant of Professor X is a smart one in my opinion. There's probably a huge number of minifigs in black suits, remove the hair of such minifigs and you're left with a Professor X. When POGO used the green suit, they also allowed customers and X-Men fans to really identify the minifig as Professor X and not some bald guy on a wheelchair that looks a bit forced.

Other people though, I'm sure would have preferred their Professor X on this thing rather than a wheelchair, and I understand. The use of that whatever it is he's using will make him even more identifiable. It also gives him a more powerful look, a reminder that he's a very powerful mutant and superhero.'s_Chair_in_LEGO_Marvel_Super_Heroes_the_Video_Game_Instructions_Part_1.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20131024213727

These are the instructions to create your own version of Professor X's flying wheelchair thingy.

Again, thank you POGO for choosing the design you chose and not the one above. I'm sure the one above would have been a great minifig as well but this green suited one is much much better. 

If you guys have any concerns, comments, or suggestions, feel free to comment below or message me in Facebook

Stay tuned for more!


  1. The first face isn't perfectly printed. Yup, bootleg lottery as it is.

    1. Yehp, sometimes we really just don't get good luck when it comes to these things haha! But for more or less 1 USD each, I can't really complain. And especially for a minifig that even Lego hasn't made yet! [Still, better if the prints were great, like for Sheng Yuan for example, never had bad print from them except frog face Captain Americas and ugly back face Deadpool set but I don't think those count under quality control]