Thursday, October 13, 2016

POGO | Scorpion Minifig

Scorpion or Mac Gargan is a Spider-Man villain equipped with a scorpion suit and some mutation that also affected his mind and made him more hostile and unstable. 

POGO's Scorpion is well-made and is a good example of POGO's good quality minifigs (for the most part, they could be better). Printing and plastic quality are great. Articulation is great as well, not counting the scorpion tail that can't move, but still it looks great. 

A side view of Scorpion. He has no side prints on his arms and legs. Almost an all green minifig, from the sides at least. 

The back view of the immovable scorpion stinger. Again, no prints on the scorpion backpack. 

These are all the accessories that come with him. The transparent "backpack holder" with the tail and finally the stinger. You can easily replace that horn/tooth part for your respective MOC creations. 

His face is great, though a bit too aggressive. Then again, seeing a smiling Scorpion wouldn't make any sense. A neutral-faced one would have been a choice too except maybe they chose this aggressive face to show how aggressive and damaged Scorpion's mind is. 

He has a back print on his head. Thankfully they added it because without it Scorpion would be too plain if he's not plain enough already. 

Despite being an almost plain green minifig with torso and head prints, it's really the stinger backpack that gives him a distinguishable look. I only wish that the tail had articulation, maybe something like Lego Doc Ock's. Still, at least they added those lines and design to the tail and not just left it as as plain old green tail. 

Without the articulation on the tail, this is the best I could do to give him an action pose. If you guys can do better, feel free to share below or on Facebook

For reference, this is the comic's Scorpion. I think the minifig was able to copy this comic version very well. Almost all-green suit with those scorpion lines on his body. 

For another reference, this is Lego's Mighty Micros Scorpion that is probably based on the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man's Scorpion (because of the yellow shades). I think the yellow stinger looks great, but it being a childish looking minifig lost my interest; I honestly prefer the one POGO made. 

But I can't fully say that POGO made it because Lego did, in the set above. No bootleg company has copied that set yet to my knowledge, but the minifigs have been copied by POGO already except Aunt May. 

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