Monday, October 17, 2016

XINH | Spider-Man Noir Minifig

A look at XINH's Spider-Man Noir. 

The minifig comes with a gun/magnum, a hat, and a coat. He's got a pretty simple design, but enough to know that he's Spider-Man Noir, IF you know Spider-Man Noir. Without knowledge of who Spider-Man Noir is, I don't think too many people will even think that this guy is Spider-Man. 

The side view. There's not much to see since the coat really defines him. Though honestly I think he'll still look decent even without it just like the Spider-Man Noir from the comics/shows/games. 

The back part. I honestly don't like Lego coats, they seem to remove the already limited articulation of minifigs, but I guess the coat helps other minifigs become more distinguishable. Like let's say The Punisher; new Punisher designs from comics and shows show a Frank Castle [The Punisher] in his usual black shirt and skull with a coat over it. 

The head part I think is one of the best parts of this minifig. It really shows Spider-Man Noir's distinct eyes/goggles/glasses. The back portion also has stitching designs, just like the usual Spider-Man Noir from other media. 

His pants/legs also come with print design. It's a great addition since I don't think giving him plain black legs would have given Spider-Man Noir some justice. The extra design gives him that more polished look making him a great variation of the Spider-Man suit. 

A closer, flashed look of the head. As you can see it's not a plain black head with eyes/goggles/glasses, there's actually a bit more color to it, grey to be exact. The stitches [like in the usual Spider-Man Noir's suit] are more visible. I'm not so sure though if there was a Spider-Man Noir with a grey part on his mask, but I don't think this one ruins the head. 

A closer look at the magnum or pistol that came with Spider-Man Noir. Yes, he really uses a pistol. He's a Spider-Man from a different universe. He's featured in the Spider-Verse comic series if you are interested in seeing him in action. 

He comes with a hat that I don't really like, but other fans may prefer him with it. I mean, he swings through buildings and crawls on walls, would a hat really be practical? Then again, maybe his head has spider stickiness too! Haha! 

A look at Spider-Man Noir's costume in the comics, I think, just for comparison. See the pistol, and no hat. Trench coat really looks good on him here too. 

This one is my preferred Spider-Man Noir look. The coat may have been a nice addition, but I still prefer this one. It's just my preference, if you have your own, then go ahead and customize! 

Finally, we see the fully equipped, with hat and coat, Spider-Man Noir from the Amazing Spider-Man TV Series [that is gonna be replaced soon]. 

 This picture may be concept art of Spider-Man Noir. You can see which one you prefer best. With coat, without coat. With hat, without hat. And apparently, his eye lens also have an additional aviator goggles, though in a Lego minifigure it would really be hard to notice. 

Now for the last reference picture. This picture comes from a Lego Marvel game, it's a MOD that adds Spider-Man Noir to the game. I prefer the XINH minifig, if they're even different, but this one's also nice. If any other bootlegger releases the one above, I might get one too just for comparison at least. 

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