Saturday, October 22, 2016

New JX/Elephant Marvel and DC Minifigures

JX or Elephant isn't really a great brand, but it's decent, at least based on my past sets from them. Though I only tried two of their sets: a mech for Batman and Superman each. 

At first, seeing the picture above from afar, I was interested, then I saw it clearer and now I'm not so much interested. 

The minifigs themselves look a bit weird, or a bit too "fake". The included accessories, most specifically Hobgoblin's Glider and Ghost Rider's whatever-that-is look..... like that. I don't know how to describe them. Flash and Batman also look off. 

But I think that's the first version of Ghost Rider minifig released like that, minus a decent bike. 

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  1. Those are just cg pictures. Might look very different from the actual minifigures. I would wait till some sellers put real photos.

    1. Yeah, I hope the real deal is better, though I still cringe over Ghost Rider's "motorcycle" :(